ebay, stand up for puppies!

Celebrities, politicians and animal welfare experts call on eBay to take action against the cruel puppy trade 


Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley and Dame Judi Dench join a long list of high-profile animal advocates who have signed our letter to eBay Inc. calling for the company’s classified ad sites to stop enabling the cruel puppy trade.

They join over 210,000 FOUR PAWS supporters worldwide who signed our Thanks eBay petition.

This week marks the one-year launch of our campaign, which unites animal advocates, veterinarians, politicians and animal welfare experts around the world in the call for greater regulation of the online puppy trade.

ebay, take resposibility!

In the past twelve months, FOUR PAWS’ work against the cruel puppy trade has resulted in a number of achievements, including:

  • Exposing illegal puppy dealers all over Europe 
  • Rescuing dogs and puppies from cruel breeding situations 
  • Mobilising over 210,000 people to sign our Thanks eBay petition 
  • Empowering the victims of the illegal trade to speak out  

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And as a result of all these efforts …

People all over the world have learned about the cruelty behind the unscrupulous puppy trade. But there is still one missing, crucial, piece of the puzzle…

eBay are STILL yet to stand up for puppies sold via their classified ad sites!

Here’s what you can do

Share it on eBay’s Facebook wall
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Add a comment on their Instagram.
Sign and share our petition:  www.thanksebay.com

THANK YOU for helping our #ThankseBay petition reach over 210,000 signatures! Because of your support, FOUR PAWS has dealt a devastating blow against the cruel puppy trade this year.

Joanna Randall

Former International Head of Companion Animals Campaigns

With over a decade of experience in animal protection, Joanna has worked on a variety of award-winning campaigns, convincing some of the biggest companies in the world to stand up for animals.

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