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        Australia’s Live Sheep Export Ban: End to a cruel era that can’t come soon enough

        Isilay Kizilcik · 13.6.2024

        After decades of suffering, the end to live sheep export from Australia is about to become reality.


        Have your say on live sheep export phase out

        The government has launched a snap Parliamentary Inquiry into the live sheep export phase out legislation, and they want to hear from you


        Slaughtered for their skin: The brutal reality of life for Kangaroos across Australia

        How the bloody kangaroo leather industry is killing our iconic species.

        Tiger Bela

        Reading Between the Stripes

        Myth-busting facts about tigers


        Animal welfare crisis in Australia live export  -  MV Bahijah

        Elise Burgess · 6.2.2024

        An animal welfare crisis is unfolding in Australia as the live export of over 16,000 sheep and cattle. See our rolling updates here 


        ‘Tis the season to give our pets the gift of enrichment

        Enrichment for your dog is nothing to sniff at...but for your dog, sniffing is everything

        Geese in the snow

        Achieving Animal Welfare in Fashion in 2023

        With 2023 soon wrapping up, we are proud to showcase many highlights and wins for animal welfare in fashion over the last year.


        Keep Bali beautiful and travel kinder this holiday season

        How your tourism choices can protect species across the beautiful island of Bali this summer 

        A flock of sheep in South Africa

        Big Names in Fashion Rated for Their Impact on Animals

        International animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS has released the third edition of its Animal Welfare in Fashion report.

        raccoon fox in cage

        Make a difference this #FurFreeFriday

        With Australia still importing fur and other animal derived materials to sell, we’re sharing our top tips on how we can all make an individual difference and bring an end to fur farms around the globe. 

        horse racing

        Melbourne Cup: Horses Racing for their Lives

        Isilay Kizilcik · 6.11.2023

        Melbourne Cup horses suffer on and off the track. Join us in telling the racing industry we are saying Nup to the Cup.

        White and grey fox laying in the snow

        Making Fashion Kinder in 2022 and Beyond

        The holidays are just around the corner. Enjoy our animal-friendly gifting tips and some key events that brought more compassion in the fashion industry.

        bile bear in a cage

        History of the bile bear trade in Vietnam and how FOUR PAWS are working to end it for good.

        Amelia Romaniuk · 31.7.2023

        Getting all remaining bile bears to safety and shutting down farms across Vietnam

        Taming Fashion: An Urgent Call to Reduce Animal Use in Fashion Sustainability Report Cover | 2023

        FOUR PAWS Launches ‘Taming Fashion’ Report

        A two-part report series that reveals the broad environmental and animal welfare costs of utilising animals for fashion

        Cattle inside a barn

        Into the Ashes

        Every single year, millions of animals worldwide burn to death in barn fires.

        Down, leather, wool, fur – the suffering is immense and animal welfare largely goes unchecked

        Animal Use in Fashion and Little Oversight of Welfare

        A whopping five billion animals are used for fashion every year. Many customers remain unaware of the suffering inflicted on animals in this industry.

        Veterinarian Dr Amir Khalil

        World Veterinary Day

        Celebrate the world class vets at the helm of our emergency rescue missions.

        Bear Michal and Tapsi

        March Napness

        Which bear will be the champion of sleep?

        Stray dog in Moldova

        Hope for Moldova's Stray Dogs

        Artist Sophie Gamand joined the FOUR PAWS team on a Stray Animal Care programme in Moldova.

        FOUR PAWS earthquake relief in Syria

        Seven Hours in Syria to Deliver Aid for Animals

        Fabian Chaundy · 14.3.2023

        FOUR PAWS travels to Syria to deliver 20 tonnes of farm animal feed and 3.6 tonnes of dog and cat food to the city of Jindires. Read more.

        Child holding baby goat at small farm in Türkiye

        Saving Lives and Livelihoods in Rural Türkiye

        Fabian Chaundy · 9.3.2023

        The FOUR PAWS Rapid Response Mission in Türkiye delivers feed and aid to animals affected by the earthquakes. Blog by Fabian Chaundy.

        Rescuers helping a donkey impacted by earthquake debris

        Rescuing Animals Trapped by Earthquakes

        Jackson Zee · 7.3.2023

        It's a race against time

        Stray dogs in Chișinău, Moldova

        Setting the Record Straight on Spaying/Neutering Myths

        World Spay Day advocates spaying and neutering as a proven means of saving lives

        Golden Pride of rescued lions

        #GoldenPride happy together in their bigger enclosure

        10 lions rescued in the biggest big cat rescue in South Africa

        Leopard Tulani

        Big cats: A tale of tails

        Flicking… wagging… steering… swishing…A big cat’s tail sure has its own tale to tell.

        Cat Kisa is sitting under a car

        The Story of Cat Kisa

        Support even in the most difficult times – Project Kishka

        Argentinian Train Tigers arriving at LIONSROCK

        2022 Rescues & Milestones

        Let's take a look back at the biggest rescues & milestones of 2022. From bears and big cats to dogs and cats, we fight for Animal Welfare. Worldwide.

        dogs with christmas presents

        The ultimate last-minute cruelty-free gift guide

        The perfect animal-friendly gift guide for the last-minute seasonal holiday shopper, from the fashionista to the adventurer in your life. Learn more.

        pug puppy

        Puppy Scams on the Rise in Australia

        Isilay Kizilcik · 19.12.2022

        Puppy scams have increased in Australia and are also linked to cruel puppy farming. Find out how you can avoid scams and help protect dogs.

        Tigress Jade at LIONSROCK

        What does the future look like for big cats after CoP19?

        Key decisions from the global wildlife trade summit

        pigs in factory farming

        Pigs Suffering in Factory Farming

        Isilay Kizilcik · 28.11.2022

        Pigs are intelligent animals who suffer greatly in factory farming for meat production. How you can ease their suffering.


        Chico’s Story

        Little Chico was sold without proof of vaccination, and with a deadly disease


        Bella's Story

        Without her vital vaccinations, Bella fell ill with canine parvovirus and her family did everything they could to save her


        Poppy's Story

        After 8 long months of emotional turmoil and stress, dog owner Christine is still dealing with the ramifications of the puppy trade

        Elina's Story

        Maxi and Freddy’s Story

        Poor breeding conditions left both of Elina’s puppies fighting for their lives


        Reggie's Story

        Reggie immediately became seriously unwell, leading to Richard starting a campaign against the puppy trade

        Caged tiger

        Saving Big Cats in South Africa

        Blog by Sarah Locke, Head of Programmes, FOUR PAWS South Africa

        Industrial goose farm in Poland

        FOUR PAWS Reveals Animal Cruelty in Fashion

        New footage shows live plucking is still happening for feather and down

        crocodile farmed for leather

        How Reptiles are Suffering for Fashion

        Isilay Kizilcik · 19.10.2022

        Reptiles are dying for fashion. Crocodiles are farmed in Australia to meet global fashion trends, we can make a difference.

        Kitten held by woman

        How Help For Stray Animals Kept Hope Alive

        Manuela Rowlings · 17.10.2022

        FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care Ukraine: The life of a stray animal is a tough one. Strays are vulnerable to hunger, illness, injuries, and mistreatment.

        Lions Geena, Ellie and Vincent

        The Journey of the Quintuplets

        Roman, Vincent, Dolf, Ellie and Geena are 5 siblings rescued from private keeping in Romania

        Woman with sheep

        Meet Jessica Medcalf, the global leader of #WearItKind

        Hear from Jessica Medcalf on how our #WearItKind campaign is making a difference for animals in fashion.

        Bears Riko at DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa

        #BehindTheScenes at BEAR SANCTUARY Belitsa

        Chief Animal Caretaker Kalina Valchinkova gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes at the sanctuary! ​​​​​​​

        Bear Ida at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

        #BehindTheScenes at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

        Susanne Penschke tells us more about her job as an animal caretaker at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz 

        Bear Dushi at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

        #BehindTheScenes at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

        Animal Caretaker Bianca Wöhlke gives us a look behind the scenes at the German bear sanctuary

        Bears Emma and Erich swimming at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

        #BehindTheScenes at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

        Animal caretaker and administration supporter Gerlinde Mairhofer gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes at the Austrian bear sanctuary.

        Lion Nikola at FELIDA

        #BehindTheScenes at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

        Afien Groenhof-Westra is an animal caretaker at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary and gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes 

        Woman with happy dogs

        Meet Rathany – Programmes Officer for Stray Animal Care in Cambodia

        Hear about her work in Cambodia and how FOUR PAWS supporters are helping dogs and cats in Cambodia

        Dr. Amir Khalil

        An interview with Dr. Amir Khalil

        Project director, team leader and expert vet speaks on his work at FOUR PAWS

        Caged tiger lying in concrete room

        The Thin Line Between Legal and Illegal Big Cat Trade

        Ruxandra Cracea · 22.9.2022

        Tigers are on the brink of extinction. How did this happen and how does the trade industry work? What is the difference between legal and illegal trade?

        Animal caregiver and dog Jackson cuddling

        So much more than a job

        Sary Dit · 20.9.2022

        Early one morning in 2021, dog caretaker Sary woke up to a call from a colleague. A minivan carrying 61 dogs headed for slaughter in had been intercepted.

        Rescued lamb at farm sanctuary

        Animal-Friendly Fashion Collection at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary

        Chrissy Phoong · 13.9.2022

        Global and local fashion brands showcase their animal-friendly fashion collection at the Wear it Kind photoshoot at Where Pigs Fly Sanctuary.

        Dog Helga

        Helga's Story

        Always remembered – FOUR PAWS dog Helga was rescued from the illegal puppy trade 


        Puma's Story

        Special in every way – cat Puma was a fighter

        Dog Harald

        Harald's Story

        The greatest love and the greatest loss!

        Battery hen in Australia

        Australia to finally ban battery cages... but 2036 is still too late!

        Chrissy Phoong · 19.8.2022

        Australia is finally banning battery cages, but FOUR PAWS is calling for a faster phase out period to protect 55 million hens.

        Tiger and lions

        CITES CoP19: The conference deciding the future of big cats

        A blog post by Vanessa Amoroso, Head of Wild Animals in Trade at FOUR PAWS

        Lamb staring at camera

        Secret ingredients derived of animals, hidden in your food

        Amelia Romaniuk · 11.7.2022

        The restaurant and supermarket staples that actually aren’t animal-friendly

        Tigress Varvara at TIERART

        #BehindTheScenes at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

        Chief Animal Caretaker for Big Cats, Christopher Nunheim, gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes at the wild animal sanctuary in Germany

        dog at office

        Take Your Dog to Work Day

        The A-to-Z of getting the office ready for Take Your Dog to Work Day. Learn how to create an office comfortable for you, your dog, and your colleagues here.

        Pigs in factory farming

        Australia’s animal laws and how they should affect your vote this federal election

        Amelia Romaniuk · 10.5.2022

        In 2022, let's choose a government that prioritises animal rights and animal welfare over cruelty and profit.

        Dog fighting victim

        Cockfighting and Dog Fighting - Two Largely Unknown Animal Welfare Issues Rife in Australia

        Amelia Romaniuk · 26.4.2022

        How gambling and the thrill of profit are perpetuating an underground ring of animal fighting

        A horse being whipped in Petra park

        Working Horses of Petra Get Much Needed Care After COVID-19 Lockdown

        Our team arrive in Jordan to provide medical attention 

        Sheep with lambs in a barn

        Farm Highlight: The future is non-mulesed

        How an Australian wool producing family successfully ended the painful practice of mulesing

        rescued dog Jack

        How acknowledging animal sentience in law can protect companion animals in Australia

        Chrissy Phoong · 1.3.2022

        FOUR PAWS making impact for dogs and cats with calls to recognise animal sentience in Australian legislation.

        Three raccoon dogs in a cage

        "A Kill from Kitz"

        FOUR PAWS reveals the truth behind Sportalm's fur greenwashing.

        Rescued puppies confisticated from puppy trade

        How "designer dogs" are spurring the puppy farming industry?

        Amelia Romaniuk · 24.2.2022

        Shelters and pounds are overflowing with unwanted pets, yet high demand for puppies and designer dogs ensures that puppy farms remain in business

        FOUR PAWS sterilising stray animals

        Over 17,000 animals sterilised in 2021!

        Chrissy Phoong · 24.2.2022

        FOUR PAWS sterilised over 17,000 animals in 2021. The essential work by our global stray animal care team to improve the lives of all street animals.

        Puma Tikam at TIERART

        #BehindTheScenes at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

        Chief Animal Caretaker Tim Zeller gives us a look behind the scenes at the German wild animal sanctuary

        AAI Dog Busia

        FOUR PAWS Ukraine Receives Award for Animal Assisted Interventions Project

        Ian Petinov and the AAI Ukraine Team · 4.2.2022

        Recognising the positive contribution made to animal and human welfare in Vinnytsia

        Cute pigs grazing

        The rise of plant-based diets: We must adjust how we eat to save the planet

        Amelia Romaniuk · 21.1.2022

        Re-focus your energy in 2022 by saving the lives of other animal species, especially those in the livestock industry. Learn how to adjust the way we eat.

        Cara at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

        #BehindTheScenes at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

        Site Manager, Florian Eiserlo, gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes at the German wild animal sanctuary.

        Merino sheep

        Making Fashion Animal-Friendly in 2021

        Good News for Animals in 2021! Let’s celebrate the good moments and progress made towards an animal-friendly fashion future.

        Liese and Tom

        11 ideas to make a New Year's Resolution for animals

        Chrissy Phoong · 23.12.2021

        It's a brand new year. Why not pledge to put your best paw forward for animals? Here are 11 ideas on how to make a New Year's Resolution for animals.

        Sheep in field

        Wool Supplier Highlight: ‘The Schneider Group’ helps to end mulesing

        The company's sustainability manager explains their journey to sheep-friendly practices 

        Merino sheep in a field

        Brand Highlight: ORTOVOX Wool Promise

        How the German mountain sports brand is leading the way to happy sheep and happy customers 

        rescued bear

        The year that was! 2021 milestones for animals – Thank YOU from FOUR PAWS Australia

        Rebecca Linigen, MAICD · 14.12.2021

        A note from FOUR PAWS Australia National Director, Rebecca Linigen about how FOUR PAWS together with your support had a global impact on animals.

        Bear Tom with a little bit of snow in his face at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

        #BehindTheScenes at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

        Tour Guide, Assistant to Animal Caretaker and Front Desk Officer Manuela Pfeiffer  gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes at the SANCTUARY!

        Vincent & Roman at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

        #BehindTheScenes at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

        In this interview the animal caretaker Erin Timmer gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes!

        Lion at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

        #BehindTheScenes at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

        Curator Juno van Zon gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes at the sanctuary! ​​​​​​​

        Woman wearing fur trim coat

        Think Fur is Green? Think Again!

        Elise Burgess · 8.11.2021

        Breeding animals for their fur is inefficient and highly energy-consumptive. Claims that fur is sustainable have been regularly debunked.


        From Rooftops to Retailers

        FOUR PAWS, one of the world’s largest animal welfare organisations, began because of fur

        Borneo's secretive dog meat trade

        Brutality Beyond the Beauty: Borneo's Secretive Dog Meat Trade

        The first-ever dog meat investigations in Borneo revealed a rampant dog meat trade

        Dog in a cage

        National Tourism Boards engaged in campaign to #ProtectMillions

        Engaging national tourism boards and embassies in campaign to #ProtectMillions from the dog and cat meat trade

        Rescued dog Jason

        Post-lockdown tips for you and your dog

        Post-lockdown tips for you and your dog: How to avoid separation anxiety as you return back to work?

        Stray dogs in Ukraine

        Hope for a Better Tomorrow for Strays

        Three important projects to ending stray animal suffering in Eastern Europe

        Australian Merino sheep

        Producers say non-mulesing improves sheep welfare in Australia

        New survey of 97 wool producers shows proven success of the non-mulesed system

        Bear at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

        #BehindTheScenes at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

        Animal Caretaker Sabine Steinmeier gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes at the sanctuary! ​​​​​​​

        Wild horses

        Where the wild horses live

        Andreas Rainer · 7.5.2021

        The Romanian wilderness in the Danube Delta is one of the few remaining places in Europe where wild horses can live free. However, their existence was at...

        Pitiful dog in a cage

        Behind the Scenes: A Further Look at a Slaughterhouse Closure

        Dr Katherine Polak · 7.4.2021

        Dr Katherine Polak tells us the delays that a slaughterhouse closure can face, and what happens once it is closed.

        Katherine with rescued dog

        Behind the Scenes: The Journey to a Dog and Cat Meat Slaughterhouse Closure

        Dr Katherine Polak · 2.4.2021

        An insight into how we #ProtectMillions and the steps we take to close a dog and cat meat slaughterhouse.

        Stray animal care of dogs in Thailand

        Dogs of the Jungle

        Dr Katherine Polak · 23.3.2021

        Our stray animal care team set on a mission to help stop the suffering of Thailand's rural dog populations

        Pig in truck

        One year on from COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic

        What is being done to prevent future pandemics?

        Release at LIONSROCK

        The Women Fighting for Animals Around the Globe

        Meet some of the FOUR PAWS female animal guardians

        Stray animal care in Romania

        COVID-19 and Stray Animals

        What a pandemic means for stray cats and dogs

        Dog Sunshine

        A Story of a Fisherman and His Sunshine

        Dr Katherine Polak · 21.1.2021

        Help came during tough times for one fisherman, his family and his dogs.

        Girl with a bag

        Wear it Kind Christmas Present Ideas

        If you’ve decided to Wear it Kind this Christmas, we’ve got plenty of gift ideas for you!

        Woman and Sheep

        Good News for Animals in 2020

        It’s been a challenging year for all. But as 2020 comes to a close, let’s celebrate the good moments and progress made towards an animal-friendly fashion future!

        Clothes Rail

        180+ brands in fashion now oppose mulesing

        Momentum of brands moving away from mulesed sheep wool is growing

        Rescued fox in snow

        What’s a Wear it Kind Christmas?

        A Wear it Kind Christmas is one which encourages thoughtful acts, and the kind of gifting which protects animals 


        Meet Your Reasons to Wear it Kind at Christmas

        Wondering what makes a Wear it Kind Christmas full of compassionate acts, and animal-friendly gifts a good choice?

        Dogs at a slaughterhouse in Cambodia

        Pandemics Don’t Just Affect Our Health

        The economic effects of the next pandemic could set us back for years

        Fox at furfarm

        Ex-CEO of the British Fur Trade Association speaks out against the trade

        Find out how fur sales may be on the rise and what you can do help us stop it

        Dog Meat Trade Indonesia

        Dog Meat Trade Indonesia

        Dr Katherine Polak · 24.8.2020

        In Indonesia every year millions of dogs and cats are stolen from their families, crammed into cages and transported to slaughterhouses and markets.

        Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

        Help to Close a Second Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

        A short window of opportunity to prevent the deaths of thousands of dogs


        Big Cats from War Zones

        In recent years, FOUR PAWS completed successful missions in rescuing big cats from war-torn countries such as Iraq, Gaza and Syria

        Dog slaughterhouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia

        Disease, Death and Dog Meat – The Public Health Risk that no one wants to talk about

        A first-hand account of the gruesome dog (and cat) meat trade

        Veterinarian Dr Katherine Polak with Sopol, a dog rescued from the meat trade by FOUR PAWS

        Global Work and Travel join #ProtectMillions

        FOUR PAWS #ProtectMillions brings together animal welfare, the tourism industry, with Global Work and Travel joining the efforts

        A dog in a cage on a motobike Takeo, Cambodia

        Ending Widescale Animal Exploitation to prevent further Pandemics

        The Dog and Cat Meat Trade presents a real future pandemic risk

        Bears James and Freddie playing

        The Police Check That Changed A Bears Life

        Emily Lloyd · 6.5.2020

        When a routine police stopped a taxi in Vietnam - they were shocked with what was laying on the back seat.


        The Dangers of Live Animal Markets

        The closure of these markets to protect people and animals is essential

        Foster mother and orphaned orangutan

        What is it like to be a Foster Mother to Orangutans?

        Dr Signe Preuschoft and the Forest School Team · 1.4.2020

        Orphan orangutans need around the clock care, our caregivers act as foster mothers to the apes in need

        The team on Silk Island

        Stray Animal Care on Silk Island: Working at 36 Degrees Celsius

        Andreas Rainer · 25.3.2020

        Medical care for over 500 animals in Kambosha, Silk Island in Cambodia.

        Raccoon dog at fur farm in Finnland

        House of Horrors

        Ditch Fur for Good!

        Lamb behind mother sheep

        ‘Freeze mulesing’ is not the solution to ending mulesing

        Millions of lambs are subjected to mulesing each year and shifting towards another form of breech mutilation is not the answer for modern farming


        A Cruel Journey

        This is a true story - our investigators recount the terrifying journey animals experience in the dog and cat meat trade

        Dogs in cages

        51 dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in Vietnam

        Asia Canine Protection Alliance helps provide medical care for confiscated dogs 

        Wear it kind models

        Ragtrader reports on wear it kind

        Fashion publication Ragtrader covers the launch of Wear it Kind and the current trends influencing Australians

        Woman's fashion

        Good On You app

        Download the Good On You app – to find brands that match your values across animal welfare, Labour and Environmental Protection Issues


        Ground Zero of the Cambodian Dog Meat Trade

        A moments decision between life or death: Neary and Sopol get a second chance!


        Style and Compassion

        Animal protection the new ethical fashion frontier

        Silver fox

        Emma Watson supports Australia’s Good On You

        Australia’s ethical app Good On You announced their latest supporter

        Silver fox

        The future of fashion?

        The rise of animal-friendly trends in Australia

        Prada Group Prada Group goes fur free

        Great success: Prada becomes fur-free and joins the Fur Free Retailer program!

        Our campaign, launched together with the Fur Free Alliance 2018 caused the entire Prada Group to no longer use real fur for the summer collection 2020.

        The Death of Bear Sao

        The Death of Bear Sao

        Former Bile Bear Sao died due to internal bleeding caused by rat poisening. Our team fought for his life for more than 12 hours but was unable to save him.

        Bear transfer to Arosa

        Bear transfer to Arosa

        Finally at home at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary


        Ebay, stand up for puppies

        Joanna Randall · 12.12.2018

        Celebrities, politicians and animal welfare experts call on eBay to take action against the cruel puppy trade


        Showdown at Fier zoo

        Ioana Dungler · 27.11.2018

        Ioana Dungler reflects on one of our most dramatic rescue missions so far and how we managed to finally rescue the animals from "Europe's worst zoo in...

        Why we are celebrating International Disaster Risk Reduction Day

        Why we are celebrating International Disaster Risk Reduction Day

        Jackson Zee · 10.10.2018

        As the director of the Disaster Relief unit, I know that animals are important to all communities affected by any kind of disaster.

        No land in sight

        No Land in Sight

        Samantha Haider · 27.9.2018

        After hurricane Florence hit the American east coast, a FOUR PAWS team set out to deliver and distribute supplies.

        Last Day on Lombok

        Last Day on Lombok

        Jackson Zee · 28.8.2018

        Looking back on our 15 day mission in Indonesia

        Lombok's lost paradise

        Lombok's lost paradise

        Jackson Zee · 16.8.2018

        Our dangerous mission to the Indonesian islands struck by earthquakes that left hundreds of animals in urgent need

        No more excuses, eBay

        No more excuses, eBay

        Joanna Randall · 3.8.2018

        eBay is making unconvincing excuses why they do not believe in seller identity verification while illegal puppy trade is still happening on their platform.

        Brown bears Vinzenz and Liese

        30 Years of FOUR PAWS

        In 1988, Heli Dungler founded the internationally active animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS in Austria

        What would life be without water?

        What would life be without water?

        Jackson Zee · 20.6.2018

        In wake of the impending "Day Zero" in Cape Town, South Africa, FOUR PAWS have developed a plan for disaster relief work.