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Good On You for Animals, People, and our Planet

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FOUR PAWS helped to review the renewed Good On You animal welfare scoring system, and are on the same journey helping to create a more ethical and animal-friendly fashion industry together.

Sandra Capponi is the Co-Founder & Head of Development at Good On You, and is a seasoned business professional with expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility, supply chains, branding and strategy. She spoke with FOUR PAWS recently about Wear It Kind, the rise in ethical fashion and how fashion can be kinder to not just people and the planet, but animals too.

What sparked the idea of Good On you? 

Good On You is all about empowering people to understand the impact of fashion brands and how to buy better. We know that more and more shoppers want to make ethical choices, they’re worried about what’s going on behind the scenes of the major labels, but they don’t know where to start. 

The information that is out there is often really complex, unreliable or missing altogether. So we created a rating system that people can trust and rely on to make ethical shopping easier.  

In 2015, we launched the Good On You app, giving people access to 1000s of brand ratings. Within 8 days, we had 10,000 downloads and we knew we were onto something! 

How have things changed since your launch in the ethical fashion space? 

Good On You now has over 300,000 users around the world, and is growing quickly. Our community tells us every day that we’ve changed the way they shop. The level of awareness and conversation around sustainable fashion has hit the mainstream and the industry is starting to take notice. We’re working with many brands, large and small, who want to improve their sustainability performance and reach conscious shoppers. 

In 2019, we announced the support of actor and ethical fashion activist Emma Watson, who will be using our ratings as her benchmark for sustainable fashion.  We’re so excited by the opportunity this gives us to inspire millions more people to use their shopping choices to create positive change. 

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Why it is important to add animals to the ethical fashion discussion? 

Fashion has a huge impact on people, the planet and animals. Many of us care about these issues and can’t stand the idea that millions of animals are harmed each year in the making of our clothes.  

Veganism is on the rise too, which means the number of people looking for cruelty-free fashion is also growing. So at Good On You we think it’s important to consider how brands value animal welfare and to help people make informed choices. 

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Posted on July 8, 2019 by Elise Burgess