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Wear it Kind Christmas Present Ideas

If you’ve decided to Wear it Kind this Christmas, we’ve got plenty of gift ideas for you!


Consider this list a spring-board for other gift ideas, a wish list to send to loved ones, or a shopping guide for your own gift-giving. All the below gift ideas allow you and your loved ones to Wear it Kind from head to toe! Both fashion and beauty items, these are free from harm to animals. They are also more sustainably sourced and claim to be made by independent creatives, or people who are treated fairly.

For more options, check out the Good On You app to find their directory of rated, ethical brands. You can also find more unique and affordable pieces when shopping vintage and pre-loved, plus it can be loads of fun heading to your local charity store! And there’s a bunch of great online second-hand stores at your fingertips now too. Happy shopping!

Gift ideas under $25

Kind key-chains

Made from animal-free fur and leather, these key-chains will help you or someone you care about keep their keys together in style.

  • Corkor (made from cork alternative leather)
  • Studio Lowen (made from pineapple leaf leather)
  • Honey Homewares (opt for their 100% cotton options)


Cruelty-free nail polish

Nail polish is a great and simple gift that can elevate any outfit! These polishes are free from animal-derived ingredients, animal testing, and some toxic chemicals which are in many conventional polishes.

  • Kester Black
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Hanami
  • Sienna
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Gift ideas under $50

Sheep-friendly beanies

These winter warmers are perfect for Christmas, whether you’re just dreaming of a white Christmas from the southern hemisphere, or really in one!

  • It’s All Fluff (made from cotton)
  • Rapanui (made from recycled organic cotton)
  • Numbat (made from hemp)
  • Edgar’s Mission (made from organic cotton and supporting an animal sanctuary!)
  • Plant Faced (made from organic cotton)


Cruelty-free self care gifts

After a long year, winding down with some skin care and relaxation products can be very soothing. These are free from animal testing and animal derived materials. 

  • Sukin (100% free from animal ingredients)
  • Adore Beauty (clearly marked 100% animal free options)
  • Bio Clarity (100% free from animal ingredients)
  • The Body Shop (clearly marked 100% animal free options)
  • Lush (clearly marked 100% animal free options)

Gift ideas under $100

Cow-friendly and fur free coin purses and wallets

These wallets will be loved by both cows, and whoever is lucky enough to receive one!

  • Velvet Heartbeat (made from cactus leather, pineapple leather, and upcycled faux fur)
  • Sans Beast (made from PU synthetic leather, a material with about one quarter the eco-impact of cow skin)
  • Velvety (made from leaf leather, cork and up-cycled materials)
  • Vegan Wares (made from PU leather, and pineapple leather)
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Sheep-friendly scarves

From lighter scarves to chunky knits, these kind brands have got you covered all year round, while keeping sheep safe.

  • Filarello (choose their made with Tencel and cotton options)
  • Velvety (made from Tencel and organic cotton)
  • Tilly’s Cosy Hooks (made from recycled cotton, and linen)
  • Will’s Vegan Store (made from recycled cotton)
  • We Are Thought (choose their recycled polyester, bamboo, Tencel and organic cotton options)

Gift ideas over $150

Faux fur and down-free coats

These jackets are free from both fur and down, protecting foxes, minks, rabbits, ducks and geese. Keeping both your heart and your body warm, in style.

  • Jakke (made from recycled plastic bottles!)
  • Hemp Tailor’s brand Hoodlamb (made from recycled and organic materials, and hemp)
  • Save the Duck (made from synthetic and recycled synthetic materials)
  • ECO ALF (choose their made from recycled synthetic materials options)


Cow-friendly shoes

Everyone loves shoes. These are well made, and made to last, all while creating a kinder, more sustainable planet.

  • Beyond Skin (made from recycled materials and PU synthetic leather)
  • Collection and Co (made from PU leather, recycled synthetics and pineapple leather)
  • Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather (made from apple leather, and PU synthetic leather)
  • NAE (made from pineapple leather, PU leather, organic cotton and cork)

That should be enough to keep everyone happy! 
Happy Holidays folks

Posted on November 12, 2020 by Emma Hakansson

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