Dog during Carnival

Carnival: No Fun for Animals

FOUR PAWS gives tips on what pet owners should look out for


Because of the noise and crowd, FOUR PAWS advises: Do not take your dog to a carnival or festival parade, but if you do, take care of the following:

  1. Watch over your pet at all times
    In a crowd, your pet could be accidentally kicked in the crowd and snap in fright or pain. There is also a risk that your dog might pick up sweets from the ground and get stomach problems.
  2. Take note of the noise level of the event
    According to the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA), loud noises are one of the most common stress triggers in dogs. Our four-legged friends can hear a frequency of 15-50,000 hertz. This means that they can even hear deep infrasonic and extremely high ultrasonic sounds that are not perceptible to the human ear. This range makes it clear why dogs often react in a stressed manner to the soundscape of the boisterous carnival.
  3. Costume prevents animal-friendly communication
    Along with other unnecessary accessories for pets, there are now even costumes for dogs. FOUR PAWS strongly advises against dressing up dogs or other animals. This not only restricts their freedom of movement, but also prevents communication with conspecifics (fellow animal beings). Such humanisation is no fun for the animals and certainly not for the conscious animal lover.
  4. Skin complaints caused by dog clothing
    Dog clothing can cause skin complaints, according to veterinarians because the materials can rub against the animals' skin. Most often, the dog's skin reacts in the form of so-called atopic dermatitis, a skin disease that can be triggered by allergic reactions. According to Medicine News, it is difficult to say which substances cause the irritation.

    Moreover, the humanisation of the animal through absurd costumes is not appropriate for the species.
Please do not take dogs to carnival parades or loud parties.

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Pet owners should offer their animals alternative options during a carnival or festival or keep them in quiet rooms with closed windows and ensure that they are not alone.

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