Cat and his owner

Are you Ready for a pet?

Tips for future pet owners

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Dog and his owners

How to Become Your Pet’s Best Friend?

Tips & Tricks for pet owners

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Happy guinea pig

Worth Knowing About Companion Animals

Facts about dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other lovely animals

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Responsible Pet Ownership

For many of us, pets are important members of the family. A pet can bring a lot of joy, but they are also a big responsibility. Pets are not accessories who can be thrown aside and forgotten. Pets are companions who need love, care and devotion for their whole lives.

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Are you Ready for a pet?

To become a caring and responsible pet owner, there are many different things to be considered before acquiring a pet. Some of these considerations are more straightforward than others, but to become a truly responsible owner, they all need to be thought about properly and answered honestly.

Kitten Hazel

Why Do You Want to Have a Pet?

Discover the motivations behind pet ownership

Guinea Pig

Quiz: What Pet Best Suits My Lifestyle?

Find out what pet might be perfect for you

Cat and his owner

The Responsible Way to Acquiring a Pet

Where should you purchase your pet from? 

Dogs at home

Does a Dog Fit My Lifestyle?

Test yourself with our '30-day dog challenge'

Cat at home

Does a Cat Fit My Lifestyle?

Test yourself with our '30-day cat challenge'

Guinea pigs as pets

Does a Small Mammal Fit My Lifestyle?

Test yourself with our '30-day challenge'


Animals Are Not Presents

Gifting someone a pet puts them at risk of ending up in shelters

How to become your pet’s best friend?
Dog looking at camera

The Beauty of Adoption

It’s a way of giving a loving new home to a shelter animal – and maybe even saving its life. There are many different animal care issues to consider during the adoption process, but it will all be worthwhile when the new owner goes home with their adopted pet. FIND OUT MORE

How to become your pet’s best friend?

You have already taken on the responsibility for an animal? Our pet guides offer many helpful tips and useful information for the everyday life with an animal.

Happy cat

Being a Responsible Pet Owner

How to become your pet’s best friend? 

Happy dog

Dogs and their Needs

Guide for dog owners: What does my dog need?

Mouse looking out a small wood house

Small Mammals as Pets

Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, mice, and rats – only for committed families 

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Worth knowing about companion animals

Facts about dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other lovely animals

Dog hiding

Cruelty to Animals


English Bulldog

Breeding defects in dogs

What you should know!

Dog in pain

Pain in Pets

What your pet feels, and how to understand the warning signs

Puppy in a shelter

The Beauty of Adoption

Adopting a pet is a wonderful process

Dog panting in the heat

Fake Animal Rescue Videos

How to spot orchestrated animal rescues  

guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs – Their History

Where do they come from originally? Where does their name come from?


10 Facts about Cats

Surprising facts about our feline friends

Rat peering out of a box

10 Facts about Rats

What do you know about this little rodents? 

bushy bunny

10 Facts about Rabbits

You can house-train them, do clicker training and much more


13 Facts about Guinea Pigs

We’re all aware that guinea pigs are funny little creatures, here are some fun facts about them

Dog outside

10 Facts about Dogs

Surprising facts about “man’s best friend”

Pet mice – 10 facts worth knowing

10 Facts about Pet Mice

They are the domesticated form of the house mouse and belong to a fascinating species


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