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Does a Cat Fit My Lifestyle?

Test yourself with our '30-day cat challenge'


Cats are incredible! They make great pets, especially for people who are home a lot and can therefore spend a lot of time with their cat. Whilst they are more independent than dogs, cats do still need a lot of care and attention and this should not be underestimated. Cats love to spend time with their humans and being home alone all day is not a very exciting life for them. 

It is often said that cats do not have owners but butlers, and sometimes it can feel like that! To get a little insight into what life with a cat might be like, we invite you to take up the 30-day cat challenge to see if life with a feline is for you. Your challenge, should you wish to accept it:

This article is part of the Responsible Pet Ownership series

IMAGINE that you are already a Cat owner:

Day 1:

Have an hour-long play session with your cat chasing a piece of string

7 days a week 

It’s important to encourage natural behaviour through enrichment. Test out your play endurance.

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Day 2:

Remove 'cat hair' from your clothes

Get prepared 

Cats’ fur loves to stick to clothing; removing it before going out is part of a cat owner’s life. Do you have a lint brush at home?

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Day 3:

Regularly clean out the 'cat food bowl'

7 days a week 

You don't like to eat from dirty dishes; your cat won't either.

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Day 4:

Don't leave the house for longer than 8 hours

Get prepared 

If you are out, make sure your cat has access to food and water, as well as a litter tray or outside.

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Day 5:

Weekend? Get up early!

Get prepared

Your cat needs food and a change of the cat litter tray.

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Day 6:

Read a book on cat behaviour

Learn more 

Cat behaviour is fascinating: from how they develop and communicate, to what enriches their play, there is a lot to learn.

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Day 7:

Talk to other cat owners about their cats

Get prepared 

They can tell you about their experiences and they may be able to answer your questions.

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Day 8:

Miss a weekend trip because your cat sitter has let you down

Get prepared 

Sometimes you will miss out on fun because your pet needs you.

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Day 9:

Calculate the cost of a cat hotel/cattery as you are going away for the weekend

Get prepared 

You can take a break, but you need to make sure your cat is well taken care of. Do you have a good cattery nearby?

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Day 10:

Put some cash into your pet emergency fund/pet insurance

Better safe than sorry 

If your cat gets ill it can be expensive; having a bit of cash stored away offers some security. Calculate how much of your pay check you can put aside.

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Day 11:

Train your cat to use a transport box

Learn more

For vet visits and emergencies, it is helpful to have your cat trained to go happily into the crate. Read up on the best training techniques.

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Day 12:

Read your rental agreement on pet keeping

Better safe than sorry 

Are you allowed to keep a pet in your rented home/apartment?

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Day 13:

Make your home cat secure

Get prepared 

Poisonous plants and tilting windows can be dangerous. Go through every room and evaluate the dangers and remove them.

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Day 14:

Go to a pet shop and calculate the cost of everything your cat needs

Get prepared 

The initial cost can be quite high. Can you afford the initial costs?

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Day 15:

Imagine your cat wees on the couch

Get prepared 

Removing the stain and the smell are difficult; a lot of scrubbing is involved. Do a test run. 

Day 16:

Plan a cat-friendly vacation

Get prepared 

Would you stay home for your vacation instead of travelling the world? Cats like it best at home so you’d have to consider it sometimes.

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Day 17:

Get educated about cat overpopulation

Learn more 

Getting your cat neutered is part of being a responsible owner; there are already too many cats in shelters and on the streets. 
Read up on the issue of cat/dog overpopulation.

Day 18:

Imagine claw marks on your couch

Get prepared 

A scratching pole is a good investment, even if they’re not the most attractive addition to your living room.

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Day 19:

Clean out a cat litter tray twice a day

7 days a week 

Cats are very clean and like to have clean litter trayAlso imaging having to carry the bag of cat litter home… quite a workout! 

Day 20:

Buy lots of different brands of cat food

Get prepared 

Lots of cats are fussy eaters and it takes a lot of testing to find the 'right' cat food. 

Day 21:

Try to eat when a fresh can of cat food is open

Get prepared 

The smell can be overpowering, urgh! Test out if you can handle this.

Day 22:

Outdoor cat and no cat flap? Get used to playing doorman

7 days a week 

Open the door, close the door, open the door, close the door… Cats cannot decide if they want to come in or not. Spend an hour playing the 'come in or not game'.

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Day 23:

Groom your 'cat'

7 days a week 

Especially in summer your cat will appreciate help to get rid of excess fur. Test it out by grooming a toy cat.

Day 24:

Imagine being 'disturbed' for cuddles while reading or watching a good movie

Get prepared 

Cats seem to have a sixth sense about coming for cuddles just when the movie or book is getting really exciting. 

Day 25:

Move your furniture around to make space for a scratching pole

Get prepared 

The poles can prevent damage to furniture or walls. Find the perfect spot in your home for the pole.

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Day 26:

Take an allergy test

Better safe than sorry 

Cat hair may lead to an allergic reaction; make sure in advance that you do not have an allergy. Make an appointment at your doctor and get tested. 

Day 27:

Get up every couple of hours in the night as your cat is ill

Get prepared 

Clean the litter tray in the night and offer comfort to your poorly pet. Set your alarm and do a test run.

Day 28:

Imagine the dead birds and mice your cat might bring into the house

Learn more 

Playing with your cat a lot and offering good nutrition can limit her hunting instincts. Watch a video on cat hunting behaviour.

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Day 29:

Visit an animal shelter

Get prepared 

Managed to stick to the challenge this far? The animal shelter is the best place to look for a new companion. Take trip to the shelter and have a look around.

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Day 30:

Take a walk through a pet cemetery

Better safe than sorry 

Come to terms with the fact that at some point you will have to say goodbye 

We challenged you to take on a 30-day test run of pet ownership, to 'try before you buy'. 

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FOUR PAWS 30-day cat challenge

FOUR PAWS 30-day cat challenge

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