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Tips for a Loving Mother's Day

9 animal-friendly Mother's Day ideas that come from the heart


May 8th is a special day: Mother's Day!

This day is an important time to honour all mothers. If you are looking for a compassionate way to surprise your mother on this special day, then look no further! We have put together a list of nine great ideas to ensure your mother has a wonderful animal-friendly day, whilst also contributing to the welfare of animals. 

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Tip 1: Surprise your mother with a creative veggie breakfast.
Nothing says "thank you" and "we love you!" better than a delicious breakfast to serve to your mother in the morning. If you also want to keep animal welfare and the environment in mind, you can easily do this without animal products - this brings creativity to the kitchen! 

  • Sweet breakfast pancakes
  • Freshly squeezed juice
  • And hearty veggie spreads make for a relaxed start to the day.

Did you know that you can even make a delicious hearty egg salad without eggs? Why not try some of our delicious recipes?

Tip 2: Sweeten your mother's day with delicious vegan chocolate.
There are many wonderful brands that are tender-melting and animal-free, vegan and environmentally-friendly! Look specifically for products that contain no palm oil - preferably from a company that pursues sustainable cultivation methods. By the way: you can also make DIY vegan chocolates.

Tip 3: Pay a visit to a local animal shelter or animal sanctuary.
Trips with your mother are something very special. Why not visit a regional wildlife sanctuary that is open to the public or if you are feeling very adventurous, travel to our global sanctuaries such as our BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach and BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Sanctuaries are the perfect place for an exciting and entertaining afternoon with your mother. Here you are in good company - everywhere you will encounter different species of animals and animal-friendly people. 

No sanctuaries in your area? Then, take a walk with your mother at a nature reserve. Make sure to pack some hot tea or hot chocolate with delicious vegan cookies for the way! With binoculars and a bit of luck, you can also watch fascinating wildlife.

Tip 4: Pamper your mother with animal-friendly beauty products.
Perfume, bath kits, and toiletries are a popular gift on Mother's Day. FOUR PAWS recommends animal-free cosmetic products - pay attention to the labeling on the packaging. You will be surprised at the wide array of animal-friendly fragrance and nourishing products in the market – a treat for all the senses and the heart.

Tip 5: Donate to an animal welfare organisation on behalf of your mother.
What could be better than knowing that your gift will improve the lives of animals? Our animal welfare work is only possible through donations from people like you!

Make a difference: As an alternative to a traditional gift, you can donate on behalf of your mother to animals in need. Further information can be found here.

Tip 6: Surprise your mother with vegan fashion.
With warm winter clothing, your mother will be well-prepared for the chilly weather - and will always think of you. If you want to buy animal-friendly fashion, head over to our animal-friendly fashion campaign site, #WearitKind to find shopping guides like our Fur Free Retailer guide and brands who protect lambs.

You can also find many modern shops with stylish vegan clothing online. Consider downloading the Good On You app, used by actress Emma Watson and supported by FOUR PAWS' to view animal welfare ratings of your favourite brand. 

Tip 7: Give an animal sponsorship as a present.
Does your mother love dogs, cats or monkeys? Then give her your very own animal sponsorship for stray dogs, liberated lions or orangutans! With that you secure the future of these wonderful creatures permanently - that helps the animals and gives you a good feeling.

Tip 8: Create a flower meadow for bees and butterflies.
For garden and balcony friends, there is nothing better than a sea of ​​colourful flowers. Give your mother some gardening time together - and create a cat-friendly garden that is a bird, bee or butterfly paradise! With plants rich with berries, nuts and nectar such as honey myrtle, grevilleas, native fuchsia, correas, callistemons, and banksias, you can actively combat insect killing - and enjoy the hustle and bustle. Just ask at your nursery for bee and butterfly plants - best, of course, native plants! 

Tip 9: Make your mother happy with animal visitors.
Insects are not the only ones who need our help - even lorikeets and other wild animals such as bandicoots and possums lose their habitat more and more often. If your mother has a garden or a yard, she will surely be pleased about feathered or furry visitors. 

Make the garden wildlife-friendly by planting hedges and hidden nooks for shelter, or build bird baths and feeders together. So you're actively involved in wildlife conservation on your doorstep - and have fun together.


wishes a Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

Lioness' Carla & Frida

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