Dog Fufu was found with a broken back

Jan 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Fufu

Found at the side of the road with a broken back, Fufu needed urgent help


Fufu lay on the roadside in extreme pain after being run over by a group of children riding motorbikes. He has a broken back as a result of the accident. After his injury, our outreach team and partner organisation Headrock Dogs Rescue in Central Thailand picked him up  and rushed straight to the vet clinic for examinations. Unfortunately, the vet received the diagnosis - a broken spine.

Fufu was taken back to the recovery centre and put on strict cage rest, and pain medicine. The team began physical therapy to ensure the muscles of his leg didn't loose strength. It was sad for poor Fufu to be confined to his cage, but it was vital to restrict his movement cage to allow his spinal cord time to heal. On a positive note, Fufu retained some pain sensation when we pinched his toes, which gave us hope that he might one day be able to walk again.

The road to recovery

Incredibly after about two months time, Fufu began actually getting up on his own and walking very slowly. However he was dragging his paws some, so we had to bandage them to keep them from getting ulcerated. We are hoping that with more physical therapy, Fufu will be able to fully walk again! Every day, Fufu gets stronger and stronger, with a fighting spirit to walk again.

He has been an extremely sweet boy, always gentle with our team.

Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Program

The FOUR PAWS Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Program, together with local charity Headrock Dogs Rescue,  treats some of Thailand's neediest animals.  We operate a feeding program for thousands of strays living at temples, provide free sterilisation, and rescue services. 

This rescue is part of our Saving Thailand’s Forgotten Dogs Program.

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