Rescue Dog Lucky

Feb 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Lucky

A much loved dog who couldn't get the help she needed


In February 2020, FOUR PAWS launched an island-wide mission with our local partner Animal Rescue Cambodia.

Lucky was just one of the many cases we could help. Lucky is very loved by her local owner, but despite this, with no veterinary access or knowledge on the island, getting the correct help needed for the animal inhabitants rarely happens. Poor Lucky had swollen, sore eyes due to a scabies infection. She also had much scaling around her eyes, conjunctivitis and corneal scarring, as well as suffering from Erythema (redding) around mouth making her very itchy and uncomfortable. On top of this, this little dog has a large mass that needed to be investigated further and maybe needed surgery. 

Update 2nd March 2020

Lucky is back with her owner! The team decided not to take her to surgery, as under further investigation the mass we originally thought was a tumor was actually an old hernia, that she had been living with since birth and we didn't want to do a surgical procedure if it wasn't necessary.

Lucky was treated for her skin condition, primarily with invermectin, as well as other topical long and short term therapies. We ensured Lucky was up to date on her vaccinations and feeling well before she was returned to her owner. Lucky really is one of the lucky ones to have a family who love her. 

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