Geese are likely to enter strong relationships, are loving parents and make great guards on a farm. Sadly, geese suffer appalling cruelty as livestock, where their feathers are used to produce down for winter fashion and bedding, and the production of the delicacy 'foie gras' causes immense suffering.  

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10 Facts about Geese

Did you know that geese are good "guard dogs"?

Foie Gras Production in Bulgaria

Foie Gras

The dark side of a delicacy


Live Feather Plucking

Down is a common filling material used in fashion and textiles worldwide, and is especially used by fashion brands who cater for winter or outdoor apparel. 


What we are doing

FOUR PAWS demands better conditions for the animals abused in the fashion trade, including geese, through its global Wear it Kind campaign.      

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Wear it Kind

We are on a global mission to build a kinder fashion movement!

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World first report finds fashion critically lagging on animal welfare

FOUR PAWS urges brands to step up for all animals in the ‘new normal’.

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has been working for decades to improve conditions of farm animals

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