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Loving and protective, many geese face immense suffering for down and foie gras.

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facts about geese and ducks

One of the largest waterfowls, geese are loving parents who mate for life and form strong relationships with other animals. This is why geese express a mourning behavior when they lose their mating partner or their eggs and why they make great guards on a farm, protecting the ones they care for.


10 Facts about Geese

Did you know that geese are good "guard dogs"?


10 Facts About Ducks

Did you know that all ducks have highly waterproof feathers?


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how geese suffer?

Sadly, geese suffer appalling cruelty in agriculture. Their feathers are used to produce down for winter fashion and bedding. The production of the delicacy 'foie gras' also causes immense suffering.  

Foie Gras Production in Bulgaria

Foie Gras

The dark side of a delicacy


Live Feather Plucking

Down is a common filling material used in fashion and textiles worldwide, and is especially used by fashion brands who cater for winter or outdoor apparel. 



Did you know that over 600 million geese and over 3 billion ducks are raised for consumption annually?

Live plucking at a geese farm in Poland

Shocking footage: Live plucking of geese for fashion

FOUR PAWS reveals animal welfare violations on almost half of investigated farms

Life expectancy of geese

A goose can live up to 15 years old. Sadly, geese in agriculture are killed young for human consumption.

what are we doing to help?

FOUR PAWS demands better conditions for the animals abused in the fashion trade, including geese, through its global Wear it Kind campaign. We also offer our expertise to assist with the development and improvement of animal welfare certification systems including the Responsible Down Standard.

Advocacy to protect geese

advocacy to expose  live plucking issue

We will continue to expose the barbaric practice of live plucking until this ends.

Man with duck

working with industry to change fashion

FOUR PAWS is working with industry to achieve long-lasting change for animals.


make your wardrobe kinder to animals

You don't need to overhaul your life.

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