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Their cute appearance makes them popular pets, but far more rabbits are being farmed for their angora fur and meat.

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Rabbits are lively creatures who like to move – and are quickly bored. People love rabbits as domestic pets because of their character and cute appearance. Responsible rabbit owners understand that rabbits need social contact, space (and access to soft grass), distraction and activity in order to feel good.

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10 Facts about Rabbits

You can house-train them, do clicker training and much more

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How the Rabbit was Domesticated

Rabbits represent the domesticated form of the game-rabbit and belong to the most popular domestic animals

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Rabbits as Pets

Guide for pet owners: Rabbits do not belong in cages – so keep the residence appropriate to the species

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How rabbits suffer?

Despite the love for cuddly rabbits, far more rabbits are farmed for their meat and fur. They live out a miserable existence in narrow cages. 

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Farmed Rabbits

Learn more about how rabbits suffer in cages to end up on a plate


The Cruel Reality behind Angora Wool

How angora rabbits suffer horrendously for luxury fashion  

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Common Mistakes when Keeping Rabbits

Guide for Rabbit Owners: Seven of the typical Mistakes

Life expectancy of rabbits

A rabbit farmed for meat and fur is killed within 60-70 days while those used for breeding within 2-3 years. In nature, a rabbit can live up to 14 years.

what is four paws doing

FOUR PAWS advocates an end to cage-rearing and better living conditions for rabbits. We are also exposing the truth behind angora industry and calling on companies to ban the use of angora wool.

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advocacy to ban angora wool

Through our animal-friendly fashion campaign Wear it Kind, we are advocating to improve welfare for animals used in fashion.


responsible pet ownership

Educating pet owners on how to properly care for their pets

Rabbits, not presents

rabbits are not presents

Gifting someone a pet puts them at risk of ending up in shelters


pet guides for rabbit owners

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Does a Rabbit Fit My Lifestyle?

Test yourself with our '30-day challenge'

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Rabbit Winter Care

A how-to guide to making your rabbit enclosure winter-proof

Rabbit at the vet

Flystrike in Rabbits

How do you prevent and treat the dangerous disease in rabbits?

Rabbit enclosure

How to Design a Rabbit Enclosure

Make rabbits feel at home

Rabbit eating

A Balanced Diet for a Rabbit

As for every animal, an adequate diet is essential for rabbits to stay healthy, fit and satisfied.

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The Proper Lifting and Lowering of a Rabbit

What you should know about caring of a rabbit

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Health Checklist for Rabbits

A regular and thorough rabbit health check is very important. As flight-animals, rabbits are masters at hiding health problems


A Rabbit Moves In

Tips to become a good rabbit owner as a whole family


Make a fun enrichment for your pet bunny!

Make an enrichment for your pet bunny

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