Good-natured, patient and trusting, sheep are sociable herd animals. They have a natural lifespan of up to 20 years and studies show they are able to recognise the faces of at least 50 other individual sheep. These gentle animals currently endure painful on-farm husbandry practices, and with serious welfare concerns around transport, handling and slaughter practices. 

about sheep

A flock of sheep

10 Facts about Sheep

Did you know, that sheep are very gentle animals?

Sheep for wool production

Sheep Wool

Painful mutilations – the bloody business of sheep wool production


Mulesing of lambs 

Despite years of controversy, mulesing can still be legally performed in Australia, and without any pain relief


what we are doing

FOUR PAWS is pushing to improve conditions in sheep farming. 

Merino sheep

Mulesing gets the slice with 180+ fashion brands opposing the brutal practice

Momentum of brands moving away from mulesed sheep wool is growing. FOUR PAWS calls on more brands to join them, and warns the Australian wool industry will be left behind without a strong commitment to end mulesing.

Australian sheep farm

Transitioning away from mulesed wool. A guide on why and how

A FOUR PAWS report information for brands on what mulesing is, why it’s happening, and a road-map as to how to transition away from mulesed wool within your supply chains. 

Australian wool producer with sheep herd

New report showcases success of wool producers who’ve ditched mulesing

Positive results to hopefully encourage more wool producers to end mulesing



has been working for decades to improve conditions of farm animals

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