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Good-natured and trusting, sheep suffer intensely for wool and being live exported for meat.

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facts about sheep

Good-natured, patient and trusting, sheep are sociable herd animals. They have a natural lifespan of up to 20 years and studies show they are able to recognise the faces of at least 50 other individual sheep. In Australia, sheep are bred for the prized Merino wool and for meat.

A flock of sheep

10 Facts about Sheep

Did you know, that sheep are very gentle animals?

Sheep in a meadow

Life Expectancy of Sheep

Comparing the natural lifespan of sheep with their lifespan in intensive farming paints a sad picture

Cameroon sheep

farmed animals gallery

See how farmed animals live in a natural setting


how sheep suffer?

Wool is one of the clothing industry's favourite products. But many consumers are unaware of the vast animal suffering behind wool production - mulesing in Australia. Besides that, sheep are raised in suboptimum conditions, neglected or exposed to painful mutilations in the farm environment, and are live exported for weeks over long distances on live export ships.

Sheep in a barn

The Torment of Sheep in the Wool and Meat Industry

Lamb or mutton – the suffering in sheep husbandry

sheep on live transport

Live Export in Australia

Despite growing unpopularity, Australia continues to be one of the world's largest live exporters.

Merino lamb

FAQs on Mulesing

Did you know that every year millions of Australian lambs are subject to cruel mutilations for our clothing?

Life expectancy of a sheep

Life expectancy of a farmed sheep is much shorter than a sheep's natural lifespan. Most farmed animals are killed young for human use.

what are we doing to help?

FOUR PAWS has been working for decades to improve conditions of farmed animals.

Sheep in the farm

FOUR PAWS and the Australian Alliance for Animals

Launch of two-million-strong animal welfare alliance to put animals on political agenda

Sheep in live export

advocacy to ban live exports

FOUR PAWS continues to advocate to ban live export through awareness campaigns and by organising live rallies.

A cute Merino lamb with wool sweater

Brands against Mulesing

Around the world, fashion brands are stepping up to help end the cruel mutilation of merino lambs


wear it kind campaign

FOUR PAWS advocates for a kinder fashion world to protect animals used in fashion.

Knitting kind

guide to knitting kind

How to choose the right material for an animal-friendly knitting experience?

Australian merino lambs

help us protect millions of lambs

from mulesing. Mulesing is mutilation.

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