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Among the most intelligent of animals, most pigs suffer under intensive factory farming.

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facts about pigs

Pigs are among the most intelligent animals and have an exceptional capacity for learning. As social beings, they live in larger groups. And, since pigs cannot sweat, they like to take mud baths on hot days in order to cool down. A sow will only go into seclusion shortly before giving birth and build a nest. She suckles her piglets for some 15 weeks – if left in peace. 

10 facts about pigs

10 Facts about Pigs

Did you know that pigs like to cuddle?

Free range pigs enjoying the mud

A Natural Day in the Life of a Pig

Rooting, rolling, wallowing – how pigs would like to live

Two pigs laying in the sun

The Needs of Pigs

What do domesticated pigs really need to be healthy and happy?

Mother Instinct and Piglet Behaviour

Mother Instinct and Piglet Behaviour

How piglets grow up in agriculture and what are the possible problems in intensive farming


how pigs suffer?

Millions of pigs suffer under intensive factory farming. In intensive pig farming, pigs are unable to act naturally. On the contrary, their important basic needs such as body care, social interaction, instinct to explore, root for food and build nests, are suppressed. The consequence: Severe physical and psychological damage. 


Pig Husbandry

The curious and sociable animals cannot perform their natural behaviour in the intensive fattening systems


Pig Slaughter - Carbon Dioxide & Electric Stunning

CO₂ stunning of pigs in Australian slaughterhouses is making headlines in 2023 due to cruelty and widespread use

Pigs close together in sow crates

Sow Stalls

How the pork industry treats breeding sows

Pig looks out of transport truck at a sale yard

Live Road Transport in Australia

Cruel animal suffering when live transported on trucks

pigs in factory farming

Pigs Suffering in Factory Farming

Pigs killed in the Australian meat industry suffer throughout their short lives, together we can ease this suffering. 


Piglet Castration

How young pigs are desexed without anaesthesia

Pig looking into the camera

The Pork on Your Fork: Unexpected Foods That Contain Pig

Unsuspecting foods that contain animal ingredients

Pigs in a cage

Mutilation of Pigs

Animals are forced to adapt to the farm environment, instead of building environments suited to the animal.

Life expectancy of pigs

A pig can live up to 20 years old. Sadly, pigs in agriculture are killed young (6 months - 3 years old) for human consumption as pork.

what are we doing to help?

FOUR PAWS has been working for decades to improve conditions of farmed animals.

pig in factory farm

#LiveKinder to End Factory Farming

Make the compassionate choice for farmed animals

Pigs in factory farming

An End of Factory Farming to Halt the Climate Crisis

This FOUR PAWS publication addresses governments to put food and farming at the heart of urgent climate action


Alternatives to Non-Anaesthetised Piglet Castration

There are kinder ways to castrate piglets without pain


Alternatives to Sow Crates

There are kinder options to farrowing pigs


3 easy steps to help farmed animals

You don't need to overhaul your life.

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