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Pigs are among the most intelligent animals and have an exceptional capacity for learning. Since pigs cannot sweat, they like to take mud baths on hot days in order to cool down. As social beings, they live in larger groups. A sow will only go into seclusion shortly before giving birth and build a nest. She suckles her piglets for some 15 weeks – if left in peace. However, the majority of pigs suffer under intensive farming.

interesting facts about pigs

10 facts about pigs

10 Facts about Pigs

Did you know that pigs like to cuddle?

Free range pigs enjoying the mud

A Natural Day in the Life of a Pig

Rooting, rolling, wallowing – how pigs would like to live

Pig looking into the camera

The Pork on Your Fork: Unexpected Foods That Contain Pig

Unsuspecting foods that contain animal ingredients


Life expectancy of a farmed pig is much shorter than a pig's natural lifespan. Most farmed animals are killed young for human use.

Life expectancy of a pig

what are we doing to help?

FOUR PAWS tirelessly advocates better farming conditions.

Pigs in a cage

Mutilation of Pigs

Animals are adapted to the farm environment, instead of vice versa

Factory farming

Pandemics and Animal Welfare

Support our call for a kinder, safer world for animals and people!

End the cage age for pigs

end the cage age

Billions of animals around the world suffer inside factory farms, spending their lives trapped in cages


3 easy steps to help farmed animals

You don't need to overhaul your life.

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