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#livekinder to end fur farming

Wear it Kind is the path to a solution

On fur farms, which produce 95% of global fur products, millions of fur animals are subjected to horrific treatment, cramped conditions, poor hygiene, stress, injuries and disease, minimal veterinary care, and lack of genetic diversity every year. 

The appalling conditions means that disease can readily spread through a population, making them a ticking time bomb for pandemic disease risk. Unsurprisingly, since April 2020, major COVID-19 outbreaks have occurred on fur farms. The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been detected on more than 440 mink fur farms across Europe and North America, resulting in millions of innocent minks being culled.

Fur is not only deadly and cruel, but deceitful too. While over 71% of Aussies are concerned about fur, consumers might still unintentionally supporting the cruel fur industry because of the rampant mislabelling globally and even here in Australia.

Fur Trade: Deadly. Deceitful. Cruel.

Australia must end their support for fur farming. Choose to #LiveKinder by wearing kinder fashion. By ending demand for fur, we end the suffering, and we create a brighter future. Because, when they suffer, we suffer.

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#WearitKind for animal-friendly fashion

Fox in fur farms

Help ban fur sales in Australia

Faux fur caps and gloves

CONSUMER TIP: Learn how to check between faux and real fur

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Collectively we have the power to protect animals and the planet if we choose to #LiveKinder. Kinder in what we eat, what we wear and how we treat the world. Small actions, can have a big impact. 

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