animal welfare and covid-19

What you need to know and what can you do?
Please find below all content about the coronavirus and its impact to animals.

Factory farming of pigs

when they suffer, we suffer

Preventing the pandemic of tomorrow - To save us, we must save them first.

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our work for animals during this period

We are taking additional precautions. But, our work continues!

Ha Dong Market, Hanoi, Vietnam

One Welfare

The rise of the recent COVID-19 pandemic reminds us how interconnected animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment are

Dogs in Cambodia

Historic opportunity for pandemic treaty must not be missed

FOUR PAWS calls on WHO member states to prevent future pandemics

Pig in truck

One year on from COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic

But what is being done to prevent future pandemics?

Pig farming

One year after WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic

FOUR PAWS calls on responsible organisations and governments to improve the human-animal relationship to prevent future pandemics

Mink in a fur farm

COVID-19 in fur farms and global fur bans

Major milestones in 2020 in banning fur worldwide, accelerated by COVID-19 hotspots in fur farms

Stray animal care in Romania

COVID-19 and Stray Animals

What a pandemic means for stray cats and dogs


Cans of Kindness

Our challenge is simple and urgent: to feed those who have been left behind as the world has shut down. Share a Can of Kindness today!

Orangatan in Care of FOUR PAWS

FOUR PAWS ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL prepares for emergencies

Coronavirus might endanger last great apes 

Bear rescue Vietnam amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Bear rescue amidst COVID-19 pandemic

FOUR PAWS provides species-appropriate home for two bears in Vietnam


happy content

Have fun and keep socially engaged - all from the comforts of your home

Pet cat sleeping

10 Ways to Help Animals and People While at Home for COVID-19

You can still show your love for animals while staying safe at home!

Dog laying in the sun at home


Our animals have a very important role in the home office

Happy bear Standy

Animal Games to #ClickandLearn

Since most of us have to stay at home, make yourself comfortable and have fun! 

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for pet owners (or aspiring owners)

All your questions about pets and coronavirus answered

Cat at home

Emergency Plan for Pet Owners during COVID-19

What happens to my pet if I am ill or need to go into self-isolation?

Scared dog

The Impact of Lockdown on Domestic Violence

FOUR PAWS' Guide for Animal Lovers

Dog at Home

Q&As: Pets and Coronavirus

Information for Pet Owners

Dog at home

Pets and life after COVID-19 lockdown

FOUR PAWS advises how to prepare pets for a normal routine again

Dogs in Speranta Shelter

A Pet is not just for Lockdown

FOUR PAWS' Guide for Animal Lovers

Lion Kimba, ZA

Our work continues despite covid-19!

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