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10 ways to help animals and people while at home for covid-19 

You can still show your love for animals while staying safe at home!


1. Become an online activist

With so much information available online today, you can learn more about issues you care about. You can also share that concern and knowledge with others to create lasting change!

This may include contacting your local councils, or state and federal MPs about important animal protection bills, participating in online protests to persuade companies to address animal welfare concerns, or signing petitions to add your voice for collective action. 

We are currently calling for several actions, do consider signing and sharing them:

The possibilities for taking action online are endless!

2. Try something new

To keep our immune systems healthy and strong, it’s important to eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet. And with most of us eating at home nowadays, why not try some new plant-based dishes!

  • We have many delicious plant-based recipes to choose from, both savoury and sweet.
  • Ordering in? Most restaurants have great plant-based meal options available and can provide an easy way to start a new tradition, like meatless Mondays! Either way, there are plenty of options for enjoying a tasty, animal-friendly diet.
  • More time at home also means more time for experiments. For example, you can try out some vegan recipes and eat a healthier and more balanced diet.

3. Ready to care for an animal?

Animals bring endless joy and comfort to our lives. Now that you are spending more time at home, you have decided that you are ready for a new companion in your life. Know that pets are not just for lockdown and getting a pet is a lifelong commitment. 

If you're ready to commit, take our quiz to find out which pet fits your lifestyle and preferences? Do consider adopting one rather than buying them. Not only are you helping to save an animal's life by adopting them, you are also taking a stand against the unscrupulous puppy trade in Australia.

If you're not ready for a lifelong commitment, consider fostering a new pet. Learn more about why you should become a foster carer. Your temporary care will help shelters and transform an animal's life for good. 

4. Treat your pets

Having people home all the time is also an unusual situation for our pets. Make the most of it for both of you by enjoying daily walks with your dog or extra cuddle sessions with your cat. At the same time, pets need to be prepared for when their humans resume their normal activities, so providing plenty of toys and enrichment to help them entertain themselves is key. You can find a few tips here.

5. Keep in touch with your friends and family

With today’s amazing technology, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with family and friends from the comfort of your home. Thanks to Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Skype, it’s easy to communicate almost like you’re together “in person” and create some new memories with relatives and friends. Let your pets participate too in conference calls - the more the merrier!

6. Learn something new

To help people stay active at home, both mentally and physically, many companies are offering free online classes. Be it learning a new language or trying out Zumba classes in your living room, it can feel great to acquire new knowledge and challenge yourself. Of course, it’s also nice to simply read a good book or rent and watch some of those Oscar-winning movies you have missed out seeing in the theatre.

See our #ClickandLearn and Guides for more ideas and online games on animals. 

7. Support everyday heroes

Around the world, many people go out on their balcony or to their window each evening to applaud those who are working hard to ensure that everything in our lives continues to run smoothly: medical and nursing staff, food retailers, fire services and many more. People are also sharing their skills by making masks for not only first responders in need.

Work continues for our rescue teams and dedicated caregivers at our sanctuaries. We need to continue our care for animals while ensuring safety for all. Consider a kind donation to show your support for our work and to ensure that all of our sanctuary animals continue to receive the top notch care they deserve.

We also welcome other forms of non-financial support. 

Also, why not check out our volunteering opportunities?

8. Share stories of hope

It’s easy to become overwhelmed, sad, or angry by everything that’s happening in the world today. It’s also important to remember all the good that people are doing to help support their neighbors, animals, and the world around us. 

Sharing our heartwarming stories about the animals in our sanctuaries on Social Media (through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn) is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face – we guarantee it!

9. Donate to a kinder world for animals

So much has gone wrong in the past difficult months, but what has been truly heartening has been the generosity of people and their commitment to make a better future for us all - for both animals and people.

Consider donating to support the work of FOUR PAWS today, and help show care to animals all over the world.

10. Look towards the future

Much can be done for animal welfare not only in our food choices, but also when buying clothes or planning vacation activities. For example, clothing can be made without animal materials, and you can choose travel and leisure activities that ensure no animals were harmed for entertainment.

No matter what, We will get through this together!

FOUR PAWS wishes you, your relatives and your pets all the best in this time. Stay healthy and make the most of the situation.

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