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Real Fur: Fashion Brand Max Mara Lags Behind

Max Mara is one of the last international fashion brands continuing to sell real fur


Armani, Gucci, Prada, Versace – there is a long list of brands that are already fur-free. But the globally operating Italian fashion label Max Mara lags behind. Together with the international Fur Free Alliance FOUR PAWS used the international fashion week season from February to March 2024 to convince the brand of a fur-free future. Supporters around the world sent over 740,000 emails and made over 5,000 calls and countless social media posts to Max Mara demanding the brand choose compassion over profits by adopting a fur-free policy. 

Will they ditch the cruel material?

We all know that fur production is cruel to animals, bad for the environment, a risk to public health and completely unnecessary since quality alternatives are available.  

Despite its competitors already going fur-free and more humane alternatives being readily available, Max Mara has so far refused to discuss the issue and has yet to distance itself from fur sales. While fur items have been removed from Max Mara Fashion Group's websites in recent weeks following our #FurFreeMaxMara campaign, the company has remained silent on ending its support for fur cruelty. The group has even disabled all comments on its Instagram channels for a certain time. 

Thanks to our supporters’ commitment and engagement in this campaign, Max Mara can no longer ignore the public call for a fur-free commitment. We’ll continue to push Max Mara to take a public stance against fur and we’ll keep you posted with any updates. 

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