Posed photo of a dog being abandoned on the side of the road

Pet abandonment

A global animal welfare issue 

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Dumping an animal is illegal and leads to misery, fear and loneliness

Pet abandonment is not something that happens only in faraway countries, but it is also happening here in Australia. Shelters are being overwhelmed by surrendered pets, many of whom were purchased during the pandemic lockdowns. No matter where pets are abandoned, the fate of these dogs and cats is always uncertain.

dog with carer

Pet support services in Australia during tough times

Many Australians with pets are facing hardship and uncertainty, and there are caring animal services available to lend a helping hand to prevent having to surrender or abandon pets.

Dog Hexi as photo model for abandoned dogs

Helpful tips for pet owners in a difficult situation

Abandoning your pet is never an option. See our advice for support and solutions.

Cat in Crate

Pet Abandonment – A Global Animal Welfare Issue

Every day around the globe, hundreds of thousands of animals are abandoned by their owners

Dog in a shelter

The Top 9 Reasons Why People Give Up Their Pets

Learn more about why pet owners abandon or surrender their animals

Dogs behind bars

The Harmful Consequences Caused by Pet Abandonment

Leaving dogs and cats behind harms the animals, their owners and shelters

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How to be a responsible pet owner?

Discover our pet guides

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