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Where do we work?


Our help for stray animals is based on two approaches: long-term comprehensive programs in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine and short-term veterinary support projects in countries where FOUR PAWS does not have a permanent program. We are active in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam) and Oceania (Australia) and have completed successful Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (CNVR) projects in South Africa, Thailand, Jordan, India and Albania, among others. FOUR PAWS International Stray Animal Care Programs prioritise two geographical regions where stray populations are abundant and need our help most: Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

Eastern Europe

FOUR PAWS veterinary teams deliver Stray Animal Care programs in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Stationary clinics provide facilities in Sofia and Bucharest; however, fully-equipped mobile clinics also allow the teams to work in remote communities across Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The map shows communities where FOUR PAWS has worked between 2008-2018. 

  • In Ukraine, we run a program that aims to provide veterinary treatment to ill and injured stray animals throughout the country, as well as to humanely neuter stray animals to help contain overpopulation
  • In Bulgaria, we recruited a local team to begin helping stray dogs and cats in Bulgaria and began using humane CNVR methods to reduce overpopulation
  • In Romania, we have been providing neutering and veterinary care for stray animals in Romania for over 20 years

Southeast Asia

The suffering of stray animals in Southeast Asia is immense. Cats and dogs are afforded little to no legal protection in most countries, and there is a significant lack of veterinary training, spay/neuter capacity, massive stray animal overpopulation, and endemic rabies. The presence of rabies and human-dog conflict unfortunately often leads to the cruel culling of dogs in a misguided attempt to control the disease. 

The dog and cat meat trade in Asia is also one of the most pressing companion animal welfare issues of our time, involving over 30 million cats and dogs a year. Dogs and cats that were once pets, as well as strays, often end up being stolen, trafficked, and killed in tortuous ways.  

In order to tackle stray animal suffering in a sustainable way, FOUR PAWS has embarked on an exciting program designed to help local charities in the region become more effective in helping animals. The FOUR PAWS Southeast Asia Partnership Program operates a variety of exciting collaborative programs across the region involving rescue activities, responsible pet ownership education, and spay/neuter projects to help improve stray animal welfare.

  • In Cambodia, we are working to improve the lives of suffering dogs and cats at Buddhist Pagodas, and offer free sterilisation services to decrease the number of unwanted animals falling victim to the rampant dog meat trade
  • In Thailand, we are working to provide desperately needed vaccination, sterilisation, and rescue services to neglected dogs in the Malay peninsula
  • In Vietnam, we have teamed up with local charities to expose the cruel cat meat trade, rescue cats in need, and promote responsible pet ownership
  • In Borneo, we run the first and only program that focuses on improving stray animal welfare while also protecting endangered wildlife from diseases that can be transmitted by domestic animals
  • In Bali, Indonesia, we provide vital spay/neuter, medical, and rabies vaccination services, transforming Balinese communities into natural sanctuaries for dogs and cats
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Four simple steps to protect millions of stray cats and dogs

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