wild animals

Bears rescued from chains and tiny cages, lions flown out from zoos devastated by war, foxes and raccoons saved from the fur trade, orangutan orphans raised and trained to survive in the jungle on their own – all over the world, FOUR PAWS helps wild animals in need.

Elephant carrying his trainer as part of a circus act


Animal abuse for tourism is real, so think before you book your next trip happening now, right on our doorstep

Zoe, the rescued fox

animals in fashion

Millions of animals suffer for our clothing choices every year. #WearitKind

Caged bile bear

help for bears

 Worldwide, bears are abused and caged in cruel conditions. #Saddestbears


help for big cats

Big cats should not be kept as pets or bred for trophy hunting and entertainment

Lion in South Africa

Trophy and Canned Hunting

Killing and displaying wild animals as trophies

Two lion cubs in Bulgaria

Wild Animals in Zoos

Accommodating animals according to their needs


help for equines

Improving living conditions for wild and domestic equines (horses, donkeys)

Orangutan orphans need our help

help for orangutanS

The ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL teaches orangutan orphans to survive in the wild

Female gorilla sitting on a stone

Help for Gorillas

Giving these great apes a chance to be free

lion and lioness at our sanctuary

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