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Seeing animals when you're on vacation can be a real highlight for many people. However, there is a sinister truth to many of the tourist attractions that feature live animals. As opportunities to travel become possible again, we can all create a better world by making the conscious decision to Travel Kind.

The sad reality is that thousands of wild animals are suffering just to entertain tourists and domesticated animals, like horses and donkeys, are enduring cruel treatment just to carry us around. Stray animals like cats and dogs are also vulnerable to abuse and neglect in many popular tourist areas, along with posing a genuine health and safety risk to travelers.

Travel Kind is part of the #LiveKinder movement and ensures you can enjoy all the world has to offer, without contributing to animal cruelty.

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We've put together some information to help you make the most of your trip without causing animals to suffer for your entertainment or convenience. Together, we can all do our part to protect animals by making a conscious decision to Travel Kind.

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Download your free Travel Kind guide

Download your free Travel Kind guide

Enjoy seeing animals on holiday? Here are 12 tips to help protect animals while travelling. Travel responsibly for animals.

Travel Kind for animals

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