Preventing the pandemic of tomorrow, together

COVID-19 has taught us many hard lessons, and central to this  is that we must improve the way that humans treat animals. As three-fourths of emerging human infectious diseases come from animals, the world’s leading scientists and experts have shown the link between animal welfare and increasing pandemic risk.  It is time to change our ways and protect our future.

Around the globe, 2020 stretched us all to our limits and we have now reached a pivotal point in society. Yet these hard times have now given us a vital opportunity to change how we live and change the way animals are treated around the world.  

Billions of animals are subjected to horrific treatment, cramped conditions, poor hygiene, stress, injuries and disease, minimal veterinary care, and lack of genetic diversity as a result of human industries. The appalling conditions make them a ticking time bomb for pandemic disease risk. Already multiple fur farms have reported COVID-19 outbreaks. It is time to demand change!

Step 1: Join our call to end fur farming

Resetting our system for a better tomorrow

The world needs a reset of our relationship with animals. We must treat our planet and all its inhabitants with more respect, care and compassion – for their sake and ours. We cannot do this alone.  

The political response to prevent future pandemics must focus on changing our animal industries and making our food and agricultural systems more resilient and banning high-risk practices, starting with  the commercial wildlife trade, the dog and cat meat trade, and fur farming.  

Our demands 

Closing all fur farms

Closing all fur farms

to end the cruel and deadly fur industry. The battery cage systems with cramped conditions cause immense animal suffering, create ideal conditions for viruses and present a serious public-health risk. Read more: COVID-19 in fur farms!

Banning the commercial trade of wild animals

Banning the commercial trade of wild animals

 for human consumption, for traditional medicine and private keeping. We need to immediately close all markets that sell live wild animals to protect animals, ecosystems and humans. Find out more about the #RuthlessTrade!

Ending factory farming

Ending factory farming 

to stop the unnecessary suffering! We need to end cage keeping of farm animals, long-distance live animal transports and all cruel practices that make animals sick or favour the spreading of diseases.
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Reducing the global production and consumption of animal products

The global production and consumption of animal products

needs to be reduced by 50% by 2050. Choose plant-based alternatives to reduce consumption of animal products and ensure that any animal products originate from higher welfare production systems.
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Ending the trade and consumption of dog and cat meat


Ending the dog and cat meat trade to stop the immense cruelty, help eradicate current zoonoses such as rabies and cholera and prevent the real risk of future zoonoses emerging.
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When animals suffer and endure cruelty, they are weakened and vulnerable, creating the perfect conditions for disease to spread between animals. Because there is so much exchange of disease between these animals, some pathogens develop the ability to jump to humans – and  have deadly consequences, just like we are seeing with COVID-19. When they suffer, we suffer!

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Together, we can make change possible

We can create a world where animals, the environment, and people are treated better.  Join us and support our call for a kinder, safer world.

Take the first step today ➡ End fur farming and its risks!