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Make a difference this #FurFreeFriday 

With Australia still importing fur and other animal derived materials to sell, we’re sharing our top tips on how we can all make an individual difference and bring an end to fur farms around the globe. 


Whilst there are no domestic fur farms here in Australia, many Aussies are shocked to learn that tens of thousands of fur products are still imported into the country every year.  

The only law which governs the use of fur in Australia is a customs regulation which prohibits the importing and exporting of just dog and cat fur. Despite this, it has been found that dog and cat fur has been frequently mislabelled (as fox, rabbit or mink), with accessories and toys for sale found decorated with suspected dog or cat fur. 

That’s why this #FurFreeFriday, we’re asking supporters to go further for animals!  

We’ve got a whole heap of materials which make wearing it kind as easy as 1,2,3, so get involved! 

Our top tips

Animal-friendly fashion starts with you! 

A staple for anyone looking to commit to a kinder future, take the pledge to Wear it Kind and keep the conversation going about animal welfare in fashion! 

Make great choices 

Mislabelling and misinformation are rife across all manner of products. This is why we made handy Wear it Kind shopping guides to help you make kinder choices when you shop and seamlessly support animals without getting bogged down in the spin! 

 End the deadly fur trade!  

Your voice makes all the difference. When you call for a #FurFreeAustralia and sign our petition to ban the sale of fur you speak alongside and on behalf of the thousands of Aussies who want to see an end to this cruel trade, for good! 

Whatever you choose to do this #FurFreeFriday, you’re making an incredible impact on animals, and that’s never going to go out of style. 

Kindness looks great on you! 

Help ban the sale of fur


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