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1 in 3 Australians prefer you to treat animals better

Fashion publication Ragtrader covers the launch of Wear it Kind and the current trends influencing Australians


A new 2019 YouGov survey has found that one in three Australians prefer fashion brands which prioritise animal welfare. The research, commissioned by animal charity FOUR PAWS, found awareness of animal cruelty issues is much higher among millennials (69%) than Gen X (57%) and baby boomers (45%). 

It revealed only 55% of Australians are aware of animal cruelty in the fashion industry, but of those that did know, 93% were concerned about the animals used within at least one fashion category.

The survey of over 1,000 people found Australians are concerned about animal welfare in industries that supply items directly for the fashion industry, specifically fur (75% surveyed reported concern), exotic leather such as crocodiles and snakes (66%), domestic leather such as cows and sheep (55%), down (54%) and the wool industry (39%).

FOUR PAWS Australia head of communications Elise Burgess said the statistics are telling.

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Kinder fashion starts with you. Wear your values. Wear it kind.

Thank you for create a kinder future for her.

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Posted on September 2, 2019 by Elise Burgess