big cats

After the tiger, the lion is the second-largest cat and are the only representatives of this family to live and hunt in a pack. Tigers, on the other hand, are usually solitary. Their striking striped markings make them unique – and provide surprisingly perfect camouflage in the undergrowth.    

FOUR PAWS is committed to helping lions, tigers and other big cats worldwide. 

the suffering of big cats and what we are doing to end it

FOUR PAWS is lobbying to alter legislation and achieve lasting change for the better. We also rescue lions and tigers kept in bad conditions in captivity.  

the tiger trade

Trade with living tigers and with tiger products must be stopped

Lion in South Africa

Trophy and Canned Hunting

Killing and displaying wild animals as trophies


rescue and sanctuaries

Rescued big cats get a chance to live in an environment appropriate to their species  at the FOUR PAWS big cat sanctuaries.

Big Cat Centre FELIDA

Big Cat Centre FELIDA

Our FOUR PAWS rescue centre for big cats in the Netherlands


Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK

Species-appropriate home for more than 100 rescued animals in South Africa

Tigress Cara at Big Cat Centre TIERART


FOUR PAWS provides an animal sanctuary in Germany


animal rescues

FOUR PAWS helps animals under direct human influence

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