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Majestic felines suffering as pets and victims of the (legal and illegal) wildlife trade.

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facts about big cats

Big cats include the tigerlionjaguarleopard, and snow leopard, as well as the non-pantherine cheetah and cougar (puma). Tigers are the largest big cats and are usually solitary. Their striking striped markings make them unique – and provide a surprisingly perfect camouflage in the undergrowth. After tigers, lions are the second-largest cats and are the only representatives of this family to live and hunt in a pack.


12 Facts About Big Cats

How much do you know about these powerful feline predators? 

Tigers in our sanctuary

Social Interactions of Our Wild Animals

Our rescued animals get to experience social bonds in a safe environment 

Big Cats: Way of Life & Behaviour

Big Cats: Way of Life & Behaviour

What characterizes these large carnivores and how do they spend their lives in the wild?

Enrichment for Big Cats

Enrichment for Big Cats

An important part of animal management in human care allowing them to act out natural species behaviour 

Leopard Tulani

Big cats: A tale of tails

Flicking… wagging… steering… swishing…A big cat’s tail sure has its own tale to tell.

Rescued lion Simba

the transformation of a rescued wild animal

After being rescued, many of our animals go through a mental and physical transformation

Group of lions at LIONSROCK

Animals in Groups

From gaggle to gaze, from troop to parade – discover the unusual and funny collective animal names


threats: how big cats suffer

FOUR PAWS is lobbying to alter legislation and achieve lasting change for the better. We also rescue lions and tigers kept in bad conditions in captivity.  

Group of lions and tigers at a breeding facility

Barely Wild

Inside the big cat farming industry for tourism

cub petting

Big Cats on Breeding Farms

The truth behind the tourist attraction of cuddling and walking with a lion cub

Tamer and tiger

Suffering on Tour: Wild Animals in Circuses

Animal abuse for entertainment is still happening throughout the world

Lion in South Africa

Trophy and Canned Hunting

Killing and displaying wild animals as trophies

tiger cub with leash

Tigers and Lions Suffering for Tourism

Selfies taken with petting lion cubs and other ways they suffer.

Transfer tiger Caruso

Tiger King – everyone is watching, no one is acting

The truth behind Joe Exotic and Tiger King season 2 on Netflix! 


The Tiger Trade

More tigers live in captivity than are left in the wild

young lion

Wild Animals are Not Pets

Private ownership is detrimental to wild animals

Two white lions

Captive Breeding For Exterior Traits

Commercial interests disguised as species protection

Two lion cubs in Bulgaria

Wild Animals in Zoos

Accommodating animals according to their needs


what is four paws doing

FOUR PAWS has rescued over 200 big cats from captivity. From revealing suffering of lions and tigers in big cat farms to rescuing and protecting big cats in our sanctuaries, FOUR PAWS is fighting the illegal wildlife trade and advocating to alter legislation to better protect all big cats. We also rescue lions and tigers kept in bad conditions in captivity.

Sad lion in cage

Help for big cats

How FOUR PAWS rescues big cats from bad keeping conditions


rapid response for animals

FOUR PAWS helps rescue animals from war zones, crisis regions and disaster areas

Break the vicious cycle

Break the vicious cycle

FOUR PAWS is fighting to ban the commercial trade of ALL big cats in South Africa

Our campaign to help big cats
Animal rescue in action

animal rescues

FOUR PAWS rescue tigers and lions suffering under direct human influence

Meet our rescues

our heartwarming rescues

FOUR PAWS looks after rescued tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs and cougars in our big cat sanctuaries

rescued leopard Bakari

Rescue Leopard Bakari

Once a selfie-cub, now this confident leopard is enjoying his best life in our sanctuary

Bengal tiger rescue from the Bloemfontein Zoo

Rescue of Two Tigers and Three Jackals

Home at LIONSROCK after an emergency rescue

Rescue Seven Romanian Lions

Rescue Seven Romanian Lions

From sadness to safety: Simba and his siblings found their new home!

Lion Bobby in FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

Rescue Lion Bobby

Lion Bobby is settled and relaxed at his home in our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary 


Visit our big cats sanctuaries

where rescued big cats live in species-appropriate homes for the rest of their lives

Tigress Dehli at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

Our FOUR PAWS wild animal project in the Netherlands since 2014

Lioness Neida at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

A FOUR PAWS project in South Africa since 2006

Tigress Varvara at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

A cooperation between FOUR PAWS and TIERART e.V. in Germany since 2013

Lioness at Al Ma'Wa for Nature & Wildlife

Al Ma'wa for Nature & Wildlife

A cooperation project between the Princess Alia Foundation and FOUR PAWS in Jordan since 2011


picture galleries

See our majestic lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars - happy and pleased in their new homes

Lions in care at FOUR PAWS

Lions In Care of FOUR PAWS

Images of the lions in our big cat sanctuaries LIONSROCK and FELIDA

Tigers in Care of FOUR PAWS

Tigers in Care of FOUR PAWS

Images of our beautiful rescued tigers at our sanctuaries

Puma Tikam


Our wild animal sanctuary in Germany, is an animal-friendly haven for many beautiful animals

Spring Has Arrived at Our Sanctuaries

Spring Has Arrived at Our Sanctuaries

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet!


how you can help big cats

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