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Popular pocket pets, but their needs make them not ideal pets for young children.

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Parents often think about a small pocket pet like a guinea pig is a fantastic first pet for their children. While guinea pigs are considered easy-to-care pets, but caution: Even small animals need time and attention, a species-appropriate accommodation - every day. In addition, they must be adequately cared for during their holidays. Also having a pet, even if they are small, means a big responsibility.

13 Facts about Guinea Pigs

We’re all aware that guinea pigs are funny little creatures, here are some fun facts about them


A Natural Life for a Guinea pig

Interesting background facts about these lovely rodents

guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs – Their History

Where do they come from originally? Where does their name come from?

More on guinea pigs

what is four paws doing

FOUR PAWS advocates the responsible handling of companion animals

Guinea pig on grass

responsible pet ownership

Educating pet owners on how to properly care for their pets

Guinea pigs, not presents

guinea pigs are not presents

Gifting someone a pet puts them at risk of ending up in shelters


pet guides for guinea pig owners

Guinea pigs as pets

Does a Small Mammal Fit My Lifestyle?

Test yourself with our '30-day challenge'

Guinea pig

Guinea Pigs as Pets

Guide for pet owners: What to do to make the little rodents - guinea pigs - feel comfortable with you


Guinea Pigs – Their Most Common Illnesses

Guide for guinea pig owners: Guinea pigs are generally robust animals. However, certain illnesses tend to affect them more often than others


Clicker Training for Guinea Pigs

This method is mostly known from training with dogs

Guinea pig

Keeping Guinea Pigs in Outdoor Enclosures

A garden enclosure simulates their natural environment

Guinea pig

Protect Guinea Pigs from Summer Heat

The importance of keeping guinea pigs cool in the summer


A Balanced Diet for a Guinea Pig

Guide for guinea pig owners: They are exclusively plant-eaters (herbivores), feeding only on grass, hay, vegetables and fruit

Guinea pig

Health Checklist for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are susceptible to a range of diseases. Regular health checks can help you to recognise and deal with problems early on.

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Make a fun enrichment for your pet guinea pig!

Make an enrichment for your pet guinea pig
Guinea pig eating hay

build a food tree for your guinea pig

Spice up your guinea pig's life with a fun, stimulating and easy DIY enrichment

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