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Small and friendly, mice are popular pocket pets who require long-term commitment.

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A fancy mouse is the domesticated form of the house mouse. They are often regarded as easy 'beginner pets' for children – but just like any animal, caring for these small, intelligent and active creatures require extensive knowledge to avoid inappropriate handling and ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet mouse.

Pet mice – 10 facts worth knowing

10 Facts about Pet Mice

They are the domesticated form of the house mouse and belong to a fascinating species

Small but mighty - Fancy Mice

Mice as Pets

A pet mouse is great animal for people who like to observe

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what is four paws doing

FOUR PAWS advocates the responsible handling of companion animals

Pet mouse

responsible pet ownership

Educating pet owners on how to properly care for their pets

Mouse, not presents

mice are not presents

Gifting someone a pet puts them at risk of ending up in shelters


pet guides for mouse owners

Pet mouse

Does a Small Mammal Fit My Lifestyle?

Test yourself with our '30-day challenge'

Best design for a mice habitat

How to Design a Habitat for Mice

Mice are intelligent animals and need an engaging enclosure


Healthy Nutrition for Your Pet Mice

A balanced diet is important for every animal

Most common illnesses in mice and how to prevent them

Health Checklist for Mice

Veterinary care for mice: Most common illnesses in mice and how to prevent them

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Pet mouse

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A pet mouse snacks between 15-20 times a day!

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