FOUR PAWS sterilising stray animals

over 17,000 animals sterilised in 2021

World Spay Day feature: The essential work by our global FOUR PAWS stray animal care teams to protect companion animals


Did you know that a single female dog can deliver more than 80 puppies over her lifetime? Female cats are even more prolific: They can potentially give birth to 180 kittens in a lifetime. It doesn't take a degree in mathematics to see how street animal populations can grow to mind-boggling levels if left unaddressed.

Dog and cat population growth rate

FOUR PAWS improving the lives of stray animals

FOUR PAWS is committed towards a better world for all companion and stray animals. Our global stray animal care teams in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, and programs in Jordan, South Africa and India ensure homeless dogs and cats get a chance to live the lives they deserve.

Among our efforts include:

17,000+ dogs and cats

sterilised by FOUR PAWS teams and partners in 2021, preventing tens of thousands more from being born.

In 2022, FOUR PAWS plans to help even more animals including a continuation of the special emergency relief in Moldova, one of Europe's poorest countries which has over 20,000 strays in need. 

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FOUR PAWS appeals to every pet owner, especially cat owners, to spay and neuter their pets. Spay/neuter really does saves lives.

FOUR PAWS helping stray animals

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to give all stray animals a chance to live the life they deserve.

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Chrissy Phoong

Chrissy Phoong

Digital Marketing Specialist, FOUR PAWS Australia

Chrissy works in the Communications team for FOUR PAWS Australia, where she manages digital and social channels as well as creates and curates content. With a goal to change minds and hearts of people to care for animal welfare.


She is a fervent animal and environment lover, brings along 8 years of digital and content marketing expertise from the corporate and tech sector, and looks after many rescued cats.

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