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helping animals in australia

Australians are animal lovers with one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. However, much needs to be done to improve our animal welfare standards, especially for farmed animals and our unique native wildlife. FOUR PAWS believes all animals deserve respect, empathy and understanding, and should not be subjected to cruelty.

We are working to stop all animal cruelty, including those deemed 'legal' under Australian law. 

animal welfare issues in australia

Puppy farming, fur deception, and mulesing are some of the major animal welfare issues in Australia. 

Puppies in cages

The Puppy Trade in Australia

 The dirty and cruel business of treating dogs like a "commodity"

Foxes in fur farm

Fur Trade in Australia

Fur is cruel, deadly, and rife with scams. Australia must end its support for the fur industry.

A flock of Merino lambs

Mulesing in Australia

Our work with brands and industry to end the practice of mutilating lambs to prevent flystrike

Factory farming of pigs

Farm Animals

We work to improve animal welfare standards of animals in agriculture systems and with advocacy for animal-free consumer choices.


advocacy and legislation

We engage with industry and other animal groups to educate society and lobby for change in state and federal governments.

Rescued dog in Australia

Australia's Law & Policy Submissions

Our work to improve animal welfare laws in Australia

Sheep in the farm

FOUR PAWS and the Australian Alliance for Animals

Launch of two-million-strong animal welfare alliance to put animals on political agenda

Animal transport ship

Victorian legal clinic launched in response to puppy farming crisis

Animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS calls for better protections


FOUR PAWS is a proud member of the following alliances:

Australian Alliance for Animals logo

FOUR PAWS is a core member of the Australian Alliance for Animals.

Fur Free Retailer

FOUR PAWS is the official country representative for the Fur Free Retailer program in Australia.

latest blog & News

dog with carer

Pet support services in Australia during tough times

Many Australians with pets are facing hardship and uncertainty, and there are caring animal services available to lend a helping hand to prevent having to surrender or abandon pets.

Protecting animals in floods

How to Protect Animals During Floods

Planning is key and how to help water-logged animals

Woman with sheep

Meet Jessica Medcalf, the global leader of #WearItKind

How our #WearItKind campaign is making a difference for animals

Battery hen in Australia

Australia to finally ban battery cages... but 2036 is still too late!

FOUR PAWS is calling for a faster phase-out period to protect chickens from suffering.

rescued dog Jack

How acknowledging animal sentience in law can protect companion animals in Australia

FOUR PAWS calls to recognise animal sentience in Australian legislation

Dog fighting victim

Cockfighting and Dog Fighting - Two Largely Unknown Animal Welfare Issues Rife in Australia

How gambling and the thrill of profit are perpetuating an underground ring of animal fighting

Fox in fur farm

FOUR PAWS report: It’s time to end Australia’s support of fur and its pandemic risk

2021 investigative fur report on ‘Cruelty, COVID-19 and changing times'


guide to help animals during climate disasters

Climate change is having a devastating impact to the Australian environment. Longer droughts and higher temperatures are bringing about catastrophic bushfires, damaging wildlife and ecosystems. Guide to help native wildlife and pets during disasters and stressful weather.

Koala in Australia

Australia's animals and the threat of bushfires

How to help animals during bushfire season, and the importance of preparation, recovery and rehabilitation

Protecting animals in floods

How to Protect Animals During Floods

Planning is key and how to help water-logged animals

An orphaned kangaroo in Australia

What to do if you find injured wildlife in Australia

A guide for how to help injured wildlife in Australia

Dog under a shade

Pets and heatwaves in Australia: Make a safety plan today

A guide on how you can prepare a pet emergency plan

dog in hot weather

Pets in Hot Weather

What pet owners should know to keep their four-legged friends safe

Dog in a car on a sunny day

Could Your Car Become a Heat Trap?

Why you should never leave your dog in the car in warm weather

Helping dogs in Australia

how to help animals from home?

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