helping animals in australia

Australia is blessed with some of the most unique wildlife and environments in the world. Many of its wildlife is endemic — marsupials and monotremes like the kangaroos, koalas, echidnas and platypuses are found nowhere else on the planet. 

However, climate change is having a devastating impact to the Australian environment. Longer droughts and higher temperatures are bringing about catastrophic bushfires, damaging wildlife and ecosystems. 

Here in Australia, FOUR PAWS aim to protect Australian animals— native wildlife and companion animals — to prepare for climate disasters and other animal welfare issues.

bushfires and heatwaves in australia

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Koala in Australia

Australia's animals and the threat of bushfires

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An orphaned kangaroo in Australia

What to do if you find injured wildlife in Australia

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Dog under a shade

Pets and heatwaves in Australia: Make a safety plan today

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animal welfare issues in australia

Puppy farming, fur deception, and mulesing are some of the major animal welfare issues in Australia. We engage with industry and other animal groups to educate society and lobby for change in state and federal governments.

Puppies in cages

The Puppy Trade in Australia

 The dirty and cruel business of treating dogs like a "commodity"

Foxes in fur farm

fur sales in australia

Call for Australia to #banfur to ensure all animals are protected from the horrific suffering caused by the fur industry.

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A flock of Merino lambs

mulesing in australia

Our work with brands and industry to end the practice of mutilating lambs to prevent flystrike

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