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11 ideas to make a new year's resolution for animals

Let's make 2022 another great year for animals!


2022 heralds a brand new year and a brand new beginning. 

This year, why not pledge to put your best paw forward to make 2022 another great year for animals? Below are 11 ideas on how to make a New Year's Resolution for animals.

Will you join the challenge to #LiveKinder this year?

Collectively, all of us have the power to help animals if we #LiveKinder - kinder in what we eat, kinder in what we wear, and kinder in how we treat animals, the planet, and the people.

Shop kinder

to make companies consider animal welfare in their supply chains. In 2021, 43% of 111 international brands do not have animal welfare policies.

Here are some ways to shop kind.

Adopt or foster a shelter animal

 and save a life. Help break the cycle of homeless stray animals and avoid unscrupulous puppy breeders. Adopt, don't shop.
 If, at the moment, you are unable to commit for a lifetime, fostering saves lives too!

Choose kinder food

 In 2021, the number of Aussies adopting a plant-based diet has skyrocketed as concerns for health, environmental, and animal welfare grow!

It does not take much to try a plant-based diet. Find out more here.

You have the power!

Every signature counts! Your voice matters. Don't underestimate the power of an online petition.

Sign (and share) our petitions now.

End the dog and cat meat trade

Email. Sign. Donate. Every action brings us closer to end the dog and cat meat trade.

Learn how to #ProtectMillions here.

Say no to fireworks

Nothing causes more stress for our pets and animals than loud noises and flashes of light. Choose alternative ways to have fun, and learn how comfort your pet's nerves ahead of fireworks night. 

Pledge to Wear it Kind

and together, we can fix fashion. Over 2 billion animals are exploited and killed every year to make our clothings even though alternatives already exist.

Encourage brands to do better for animals. Take the pledge now.

Travel Kind

and avoid the ruthless tourism industry who exploit animals for profit. Being prepared is an effective way for you to avoid contributing to animal cruelty on your next vacation, getaway, or adventure.

Download our Travel Kind guide.

Support our sanctuaries

who care for over 350 animals rescued from abusive past and who cannot be released back into the wild.

Visit our sanctuaries or consider making a donation here.

Be a responsible pet owner

and learn how to be your pet's best friend. Especially for Australia, we have helpful tips to help pets and animals through the hot summer and bushfire-prone season.

Learn more pet ownership tips here.

We are stronger together.

In 2021, we had over 3,000,000 people taking action with us both offline and online. Together, we advocated for animals and changed legislation to protect them.

Get involved with us.
Rescued lion

we can all #livekinder

For animals, people, and the planet.

Learn more
Chrissy Phoong

Chrissy Phoong

Digital Marketing Specialist, FOUR PAWS Australia

Chrissy works in the Communications team for FOUR PAWS Australia, where she manages digital and social channels as well as creates and curates content. With a goal to change minds and hearts of people to care for animal welfare.


She is a fervent animal and environment lover, brings along 8 years of digital and content marketing expertise from the corporate and tech sector, and looks after many rescued cats.

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