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the dog

While some are beloved companion animals, many others are killed brutally or struggle to live on the streets.

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facts about dogs

Beloved companions and family members, some even are essential workforce to help people in farms, as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and rescue dogs.

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10 Facts about Dogs

Surprising facts about “man’s best friend”


“Humans’ Best Friend” – The Dog

Our companion for thousands of years 

Happy dog

Dogs and their Needs

Guide for dog owners: What does my dog need?

Helpful guides for dog owners

not all dogs are loved. How dogs suffer?

The booming demand for 'designer dogs' and oodles for pets have seen the rise of unscrupulous puppy breeders who treat dogs as commodities and subject them to cruel keeping conditions. On the other spectrum, millions of others struggle to live in neglected homes or live on the streets – at risk of being killed as 'feral' or 'pest' or worse, for meat.

dogs crammed in cages for dog meat trade

the dog meat trade

Millions of dogs are stolen, trafficked, and killed for meat in some Southeast Asian countries.

Puppies in cages

The Puppy Trade in Australia

 The dirty and cruel business of treating dogs like a "commodity"

Dog hiding

Cruelty to Animals


Dog being abandoned on the side of the road

Pet Abandonment

Dumping an animal is illegal and leads to misery, fear and loneliness

sad stray dog

homeless stray dogs

Millions of dogs struggle on the streets without veterinary care and food.


what is four paws doing

FOUR PAWS supports shelters and dog owners with educational programs and information that promote responsible dog care. In our work to create a kinder world for stray animals, we also help communities, municipalities, and thousands of dogs through our global Stray Animal Care projects.

two puppies

Ending the puppy trade

We are fighting to ban puppy farms in Australia and worldwide. #CuteQuickSick

Helping stray animals

help for stray animals

We help stray dogs with veterinary care and food, as well as rehoming or training them to therapy dogs.

Three dogs on leash

responsible pet ownership

We educate pet owners on how to responsibly care for their pet dogs.

sad dogs in cage

ending the dog meat trade

We rescue dogs from slaughterhouses and are fighting to ban the dog meat trade. #ProtectMillions

Puppy in a shelter

The Beauty of Adoption

Adopting a pet is a wonderful process

Animal-assisted intervention: Rescuing stray dogs to become therapy dogs

Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI)

Rescuing stray dogs to become therapy dogs

Care for stray dogs

we rescue Stray and neglected Animals

because we believe all dogs and cats deserve care and a loving home

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our heartwarming rescues

FOUR PAWS rescues dogs from neglectful and cruel conditions, on the streets and slaughterhouses, and rehomes them. #AdoptDontShop

Dog Moo

Rescue Dog Moo

FOUR PAWS was able to turn his life around

Rescue Dog Bobo

Rescue Dog Bobo

Bobo’s owner was struggling to care for him, but with help, Bobo is recovering and looking better than ever

Dog Fufu was found with a broken back

Rescue Dog Fufu

Found at the side of the road with a broken back, Fufu needed urgent help

Rescue Dog Lola

Rescue Dog Lola

Chained for one year, dog Lola finally gets a chance in life


pet guides for dog owners

Dogs at home

Does a Dog Fit My Lifestyle?

Test yourself with our '30-day dog challenge'


Food Allergies in Pets

Common symptoms and how you can help your pet

Dog behind a fence

How to Get Your Dog Healthily Through Winter

Road salt, gravel and snow – keep your beloved friend safe in the cold season

Dog in a field

Awns / Grass Seeds: Why They Pose a Danger to Dogs

Avoid tall grasses and fields of cereal crops to protect your dog

Scared dog

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What can you do if your dog doesn’t like being left home alone? 

Man with dog on a leash

Positive dog training

Dogs learn best with positive reinforcement 

Dog in pain

Pain in Pets

What your pet feels, and how to understand the warning signs

Obese dog

pet obesity - a serious health issue

Healthy weight of dogs is an important welfare factor

Dog eating cake

nutrition for dogs

A balanced diet is a key component to the welfare of a pet

More guides for dog owners

how you can help dogs

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All dogs deserve a loving and safe home.

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