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stray animals need our help!

No animal willingly becomes a stray. Strays also have a tough life, suffering from hunger, disease, misery and abuse by people. Local authorities also often rely on cruel mass killings to manage their population. 

FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care program employs a humane CVNR strategy to help stray animals around the world. Support our effort to create a safer, kinder world for strays.

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FOUR PAWS Humane Strategy for Stray Animals

Local authorities often resort to mass killing as a “solution“ to manage stray animal populations. Killing, poisoning or shooting strays is, however, not only unbelievably cruel – it also makes no sense in the long run as even just a few animals or newly abandoned animals will breed rapidly. 

FOUR PAWS helps strays worldwide with our Stray Care Program where we:

  • Using CVNR, we neuter and vaccinate hundreds of stray animals within a few weeks, avoiding their senseless killing as well as being cost-effective. After the sterilisation, the four-legged patients remain in the clinic for at least another day. This also gives our veterinarians an opportunity to treat any animals that might be injured or sick.
  • Whenever possible we cooperate with local partner shelters in Eastern Europe and Asia, to promote adoption of stray dogs and to give abandoned animals a second chance at life.

FOUR PAWS has successfully run Stray Animal Projects in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Thailand, Indonesia, Romania, Vietnam, Cambodia and many other places, and have also helped strays during emergency relief missions in Moldova, Lebanon and India

Please support our effort to create a safer world for strays.

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