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Group of lions in Sudan

Emergency Rescue of Animals in Sudan

More than 30 animals desperately need to be evacuated from a conflict zone

Bear Na in her cage on the bile farm

Rescue Bear Na

Previously held in a tiny cage, the female Asiatic black bear has finally arrived at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh



elephant in need

Ailing Elephant Madhubala in Desperate Need of a New Home

FOUR PAWS gave recommendations over a month ago but officials lack an answer

Bear in the moat of a castle in Czech Republic

Help for Bears in Czech Republic

FOUR PAWS aims to help bears in poor living conditions across the country



Lithuanian Government Outlaws Fur Farms

Lithuanian Government Outlaws Fur Farms

The ban will begin in January 2027

AAI dog Freya with a child in Bulgaria

Rescue Dog Freya

From rescued stray to beloved AAI team member

AAI dog Alisa with her handler Antonia

Rescue Dog Alisa

A story of healing and hope

Poultry in a slaughterhouse

2.6 million Birds Die in South Africa

The severe bird flu outbreak is causing the South African government to encourage farmers to step up biosecurity measures

chicken in factory farm

World Leaders, Scientists Call for Working Together to Prevent Next Pandemic

“The Political Declaration on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response must deliver on the promise of working together to prevent another Pandemic,” say World Leaders and scientists 

Stray puppies in Southeast Asia

World Rabies Day 2023

FOUR PAWS supports Vietnamese authorities with rabies vaccination drive



Cattle farm in Brazil

Faster Transformational Change for Agrifood Systems

UN Food Summit aims for transformation

Sheep suffering in live exports

Live Sheep Exports: Legislate the Date Australia!

In a rare chance, a Parliamentary Petition for the House of Representatives is active right now and it needs your signature

Dog Kasper

Rescue Dog Kasper

The brave survivor from Moldova



White tigress Charlota at a zoo in Czech Republic

White Tiger Cub Rescued in Czech Republic

FOUR PAWS is working to curb the tiger trade and commercial use of captive tigers.

cat in vet clinic

Bird Flu Kills Nearly 40 Cats in South Korean Shelter

Government now calling for nationwide inspections at animal protection centres.

Tiger cub Charlota in the Czech Republic

Rescue Tigress Charlota

A victim of the ruthless tiger trade


Bird Flu Outbreak Continues Across Europe

Italian veterinary services have confirmed that five dogs and one cat in Brescia have been diagnosed with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)

Outbreak of Bird Flu on Finnish Fur Farms “Major Cause for Concern”

Outbreak of Bird Flu on Finnish Fur Farms

Leading animal welfare organisation says the bird flu outbreak in Finland part of a wider problem across Europe


Cracking the Facts: Myth-busting the impact of the battery cage egg phase out

What’s the truth behind the phase out of battery cages in Australia, and why it is making headlines?  

Taming Fashion report

New 'Taming Fashion' report reveals fashion’s cost for animals

A two-part report reveals fashion’s true cost for animals, humans and climate, and showcases new technology to create sustainable future-proof fashion.

FOUR PAWS Launches ‘Taming Fashion’ Report

FOUR PAWS Launches ‘Taming Fashion’ Report

A two-part report series that reveals the broad environmental and animal welfare costs of utilising animals for fashion

Factory farming of calves in Spain

UN Food Security Report: 122M More Pushed into Hunger

Animal welfare organisation calls for an overhaul of global food systems to tackle the problem

Rescue Cat Bilka | Project Kishka

Rescue Cat Bilka

Bilka was found with a broken leg and in bad condition

Dog Becky, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Rescue Dog Becky

Becky barely escaped the flood, covered in ticks

Rescue Nadiya

Rescue Dog Nadiya

Nadiya and her ten puppies barely made it to safety from the flood

Broiler chickens

World Zoonosis Day Highlights “Lesson Not Learnt” from COVID-19

Global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS says Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza could be a looming pandemic if we don’t rethink farming.

Chickens in a cage

A New Outbreak of Bird Flu in Poland Kills Nine Cats

Global animal welfare organisation calls the situation “deeply worrying”



FOUR PAWS rescues animals affected by flooding in Ukraine

Emergency Relief for Animals in Ukraine

FOUR PAWS saves dog Nadiya and her ten puppies during flood aftermath

Racccoon dog at TIERART

High-End Parisian Designer Goes Fur Free

FOUR PAWS helps design ba&sh animal welfare policy

Bears Dasha and Lelya at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Bear Siblings Dasha and Lelya Start Again in Germany

FOUR PAWS transferred the former restaurant bears to BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz


FOUR PAWS Warns of Inaction Taken by Governments Regarding Climate Change

FOUR PAWS had hoped that negotiations would finally recognise the need for a holistic approach to food systems

Life Expectancy of Cattle

Life Expectancy of Cattle

A cow named "Milla" celebrated her 25th birthday on a farm in 2016 – but only a few cows have this happiness


The Life of Beef Cattle

Roast beef, steak, and veal schnitzel: The cruelty behind farming of cattle fattened for meat

Mother cow and calf

Alternatives To Dairy Cow Husbandry

Why mother-bound calf rearing and nursing cattle are more animal-friendly

Mother cow and her calf

Mother-Bonded Calf Rearing

A scientific study on the mitigation of weaning distress in cow-calf-contact systems

Veal calf

The Suffering of Calves

Male calves are by-products of the meat and dairy industry

Dairy cows being milked

Milk Madness: The Torment of Dairy Cows

What suffering is behind a glass of milk?

A Merino sheep

Nike just did it! Says “no” to the mutilation of lambs

FOUR PAWS welcomes step towards higher animal welfare by switching to certified non-mulesed wool

Cattle inside a barn

Into the Ashes

The devastating loss of life of animals in barn fires


Alternatives to Non-Anaesthetised Piglet Castration

There are kinder ways to castrate piglets without pain


Piglet Castration

How young pigs are desexed without anaesthesia

Pigs in a cage

Mutilation of Pigs

Animals are forced to adapt to the farm environment, instead of building environments suited to the animal.


Alternatives to Sow Crates

There are kinder options to farrowing pigs

Pigs close together in sow crates

Sow Stalls

How the pork industry treats breeding sows

Two pigs laying in the sun

The Needs of Pigs

What do domesticated pigs really need to be healthy and happy?


Pig Husbandry

The curious and sociable animals cannot perform their natural behaviour in the intensive fattening systems

Mother Instinct and Piglet Behaviour

Mother Instinct and Piglet Behaviour

How piglets grow up in agriculture and what are the possible problems in intensive farming

Guinea pig

Keeping Guinea Pigs in Outdoor Enclosures

A garden enclosure simulates their natural environment

Guinea pig

Health Checklist for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are susceptible to a range of diseases. Regular health checks can help you to recognise and deal with problems early on.

Rabbit at the vet

Flystrike in Rabbits

How do you prevent and treat the dangerous disease in rabbits?

mohair sheep

Animal Use in Fashion and Little Oversight of Welfare

Over five billion animals are used every year in the fashion industry with many suffering from cruel practices and poor welfare standards

Group of lions and tigers at a breeding facility

Barely Wild

Inside the big cat farming industry for tourism

Lion cub Vasylyna in Ukraine

Rescue Lioness Vasylyna

A young big cat in the middle of war

Lioness Vasylyna at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

Lioness from Illegal Private Keeping Arrives at Species-Appropriate Home

FOUR PAWS brings lioness Vasylyna to its FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary in the Netherlands

Lions and tigers at a farm in South Africa

Paid Interactions Fuel Exploitative Big Cat Farming in South Africa

FOUR PAWS warns of tourist attractions that cruelly profit off big cats

Market in Southeast Asia

World Health Organisation Pandemic Treaty Being “Watered Down”

FOUR PAWS and other health, environmental and conservational organisations encourage governments to not renege on delivering key pandemic treaty fulfilments

FOUR PAWS team Stray Animal Care action

Emergency Help to Animals After Severe Flooding in Ukraine

FOUR PAWS is sending pet food and cages to help animals affected by the catastrophe

Tiger from Argentina is settling in

Tigers from illegal breeding farm settle in at new home in Jordan

FOUR PAWS is willing to support further in Argentina, improving the lives of captive big cats

Cat in a home

How Cats Communicate

More than just meowing, cats have various ways of interacting with other cats, animals and humans

Sneaking cat

Territorial Behaviour of Cats

Being highly territorial is all part of their natural feline behaviour

Cat looking at the viewer

Cats and Their Hunting Behaviour

Understanding typical actions of your pet

Two cats

Social Behaviour of Cats

Are cats loners? Interesting facts every cat holder should know

Cat with green eyes

A Cat's Personality

All cats possess certain traits, but different levels make up their character

Cat with green eyes

Living With a Cat Means Responsibility

Dogs have owners, cats have staff – a common saying, that has some truth to it

Cats drinking

Milk Is Not Good for Cats

Adult cats are lactose intolerant and develop gastro-intestinal problems after drinking milk

Two kittens playing

Kittens and Their Development

Cats are born blind and deaf, but develop strong senses right after birth


Cats – Their Importance in Different Cultures

This species has great significance in many cultures around the world

Pedigree Cat

The World of Pedigree Cats

Bred to look and act a certain way – many breeds face a wide range of problems

Lying cat

Cats as Pets

Interesting facts about our popular feline friends

Cat Chapi

Rescue Cat Chapi and His Siblings

Saved from the streets, miracle kittens found special care

Arctic fow Wukk sitting on a rock in the outdoor enclosure at TIERART

Rescue Fox Wukk

A bundle of energy rescued from private keeping


Rescue Lions #GoldenPride

Ten lions were transferred from the Gauteng Province of South Africa to LIONSROCK

Two lion cubs lying on the ground wearing leashes

Rescue Lion Cubs Max and Mona

Sibling lion cubs are bought and sold until FOUR PAWS stepped in

#TrainTigers in the train wagon in Argentina

Rescue Tigers Mafalda, Sandro, Gustavo and Messi

#TrainTigers from Argentina no longer have to live in a train

Rescue Mykhailo

Rescue Bear Mykhailo

After an accident, the brown bear gets a new life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr



Bear Vini at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina Celebrates a Decade of Rescuing and Protecting Bears

The FOUR PAWS-run wild animal sanctuary in Kosovo currently houses 20 rescued bears

The two rescued tigers from Buenos Aires arrive at Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife, Jordan.

Rescue Success: Two Bengal tigers arrive in Jordan

Two rescued Bengal tigers arrive safely in Jordan

Argentina rescue mission: A new life for tigers in Al Ma'wa in Jordan

Save the Outsiders

These tigers deserve a better life

Critical tiger rescue in Argentina

Critical Tiger Rescue in Argentina

FOUR PAWS en route to bring two tigers rescued from illegal breeding farm to wildlife sanctuary in Jordan


“Humans’ Best Friend” – The Dog

Our companion for thousands of years 

A sad lamb

Global fashion call on Australian wool to end mulesing

FOUR PAWS hands over open letter to the Australian wool industry, signed by major brands committing to end the use of cruel mulesed sheep wool and calling for an end to the practice by 2030

Cattle being live exported on ships

Live Animal Transport

Animal Welfare in Transporting Live Animals

sheep on live transport

Live Export in Australia

Despite growing unpopularity, Australia continues to be one of the world's largest live exporters.

Pig looks out of transport truck at a sale yard

Live Road Transport in Australia

Cruel animal suffering when live transported on trucks

Elephants Noor Jehan and Mahubala at Karachi Zoo

Pakistan's Last Captive Elephants

A timeline of our actions to help the #KarachiElephants

Elephant Noor Jehan at Karachi Zoo in Pakistan

Elephant Noor Jehan at Karachi Zoo in Pakistan Has Died

FOUR PAWS experts worked tirelessly to help save her life



Orangutan orphan eating termites

What Must an Orphan Orangutan Learn in Order to Survive in the Wild?

Before our rescued orangutans can be reintroduced into the wild, some vital skills are needed to ensure their survival

Orangutan orphans in the Forest School, Borneo

Orangutan Rehabilitation: A Programme to Return to Their Natural Habitat

The orphans go through levels of education at the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL in Borneo 


Food Allergies in Pets

Common symptoms and how you can help your pet

Cat eating

Feeding Your Cat Properly

Important points regarding healthy nutrition for cats 

Dog looking at food

Feeding Your Dog Properly

Important points regarding a healthy nutrition for dogs 


Climate Change and the Diet of Our Pets

Conscious pet feeding can have a positive effect on the climate 


Vegetarian and Vegan Diet for Pets

What you need to consider for dogs and cats 

Fruits and vegetables

The Barf-Diet

A raw food diet needs to be tailored to your pet


Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

A balanced diet is a key component to the welfare of a pet

Dr Amil Khalil with elephant Noor Jehan at Karachi Zoo

Expert vet team successfully treats suffering elephant

FOUR PAWS in Pakistan: “With proper care, rehabilitation is possible for elephant Noor Jehan.”

Bear Michal and Tapsi

March Napness

Which bear will be the champion of sleep?

Stray dog in Moldova

Hope for Moldova's Stray Dogs

A blog post by photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand

Vegetables on a table

Animal-Friendly Diets at the Office

Is your workplace committed to cultivating a plant-based diet?

Lions Kandaka and Mansour

Rescue Lions Kandaka and Mansour

After two years of meticulous preparations, the big cats arrived at their new home at Al Maꞌwa Wildlife Reserve


CUGH 2023 In-person Satellite Session

How the Pandemic Instrument Can Prevent Pandemics and Enable Equity

Elephant Noor Jehan at Karachi Zoo in Pakistan

FOUR PAWS to help suffering elephant Noor Jehan

Two of Pakistan’s last four captive African elephants at Karachi Zoo live in dire conditions despite expert recommendation for relocation

Bear in need

Meet the Bears

starring in our latest national television campaign to rescue bears.

Read their story
Bear in need

Rescue Captive Bears Now!

Help rescue bears and help end their suffering.

Donate now


Pig Slaughter - Carbon Dioxide & Electric Stunning

CO₂ stunning of pigs in Australian slaughterhouses is making headlines in 2023 due to cruelty and widespread use

Chicken in farm

Proactive animal welfare standards should be embraced

Agribusiness panicked tactics against animal welfare benchmarks ignore consumer demand for better animal care

Indonesian Capital City Jakarta Bans Dog Meat Trade

Indonesian Capital City Jakarta Bans Dog Meat Trade

Campaigners―joined by Kim Basinger, Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan― celebrate as Jakarta, Indonesia, bans city’s dog meat trade that kills 340 dogs a day

FOUR PAWS Emergency Relief Efforts for Animals in Türkiye and Syria

FOUR PAWS Continues Emergency Relief Efforts for Animals in Türkiye and Syria

Crucial need for animal food and veterinary care after devastating earthquakes

FOUR PAWS earthquake relief in Syria

Seven Hours in Syria to Deliver Aid for Animals

The Mission team travels to Jindires, where residents are desperate for support following the earthquakes

Child holding baby goat at small farm in Türkiye

Saving Lives and Livelihoods in Rural Türkiye

FOUR PAWS' relief efforts to help animals in the earthquake zones

Former ‘Train Tigers’ settled in one year after their intercontinental journey from Argentina to South Africa

‘Train Tigers’ One Year After Rescue from Argentina

FOUR PAWS rescued four tigers in 2022 after more than 15 years in a train carriage

Cat Kisa is sitting under a car

The Story of Cat Kisa

Support even in the most difficult times – Project Kishka

Cat Leo survived 18 days under the rubble

Emergency relief for animals in Türkiye and Syria

FOUR PAWS providing food and veterinary care for animals affected by the recent earthquakes

rescued leopard Bakari

Rescue Leopard Bakari

Once a selfie-cub, now this confident leopard is enjoying his best life in our sanctuary

Leopard Tulani

Big cats: A tale of tails

Flicking… wagging… steering… swishing…A big cat’s tail sure has its own tale to tell.

Golden Pride of rescued lions

#GoldenPride happy together in their bigger enclosure

10 lions rescued in the biggest big cat rescue in South Africa

Stray dogs in Chișinău, Moldova

Setting the Record Straight on Spaying/Neutering Myths

World Spay Day advocates spaying and neutering as a proven means of saving lives



Cat in Ukraine

Ukraine: One year into war and animal welfare efforts intensify

FOUR PAWS latest help focuses on protecting stray cats in five cities in Ukraine

Kitten held by woman

How Help For Stray Animals Kept Hope Alive

The big message from a tiny kitten in Ukraine 

Raccoon dogs at a fur farm in Poland

Open Letter: The Treaty must prevent future pandemics

Several NGOs urge WHO and Member States to put animal welfare at the centre of WHO Pandemic Treaty


Animal Welfare and Preventing Pandemics

FOUR PAWS position papers on One Health and the importance of preventing zoonotic diseases at source 

People standing on the rubble of destroyed buildings in Antakya, southern Türkiye

Race against time: Animals in urgent need after massive earthquakes in Middle East

FOUR PAWS and partner NGOs deliver vital support to dogs, cats and farmed animals 

Help for animals in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria

Earthquake Relief for Animals

Help for animals in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria



Argentinian Train Tigers arriving at LIONSROCK

2022 Rescues & Milestones

Take a look back at all we have accomplished together!

Bear Mark behind bars

Rescue Bear Mark

After 20 years in a tiny cage, Albania's last restaurant bear is finally free

Juno Marlina in the forest

Rescue Orangutan Juno Marlina

Recovering from being kept as a pet in a tiny cage

Bear Michal

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