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Chicken in farm

Proactive animal welfare standards should be embraced

Agribusiness panicked tactics against animal welfare benchmarks ignore consumer demand for better animal care

Indonesian Capital City Jakarta Bans Dog Meat Trade

Indonesian Capital City Jakarta Bans Dog Meat Trade

Campaigners―joined by Kim Basinger, Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan― celebrate as Jakarta, Indonesia, bans city’s dog meat trade that kills 340 dogs a day

FOUR PAWS Emergency Relief Efforts for Animals in Türkiye and Syria

FOUR PAWS Continues Emergency Relief Efforts for Animals in Türkiye and Syria

Crucial need for animal food and veterinary care after devastating earthquakes

FOUR PAWS earthquake relief in Syria

Seven Hours in Syria to Deliver Aid for Animals

The Mission team travels to Jindires, where residents are desperate for support following the earthquakes

Child holding baby goat at small farm in Türkiye

Saving Lives and Livelihoods in Rural Türkiye

FOUR PAWS' relief efforts to help animals in the earthquake zones

Former ‘Train Tigers’ settled in one year after their intercontinental journey from Argentina to South Africa

‘Train Tigers’ One Year After Rescue from Argentina

FOUR PAWS rescued four tigers in 2022 after more than 15 years in a train carriage

Cat Kisa is sitting under a car

The Story of Cat Kisa

Support even in the most difficult times – Project Kishka

Cat Leo survived 18 days under the rubble

Emergency relief for animals in Türkiye and Syria

FOUR PAWS providing food and veterinary care for animals affected by the recent earthquakes

rescued leopard Bakari

Rescue Leopard Bakari

Once a selfie-cub, now this confident leopard is enjoying his best life in our sanctuary

Leopard Tulani

Big cats: A tale of tails

Flicking… wagging… steering… swishing…A big cat’s tail sure has its own tale to tell.

Golden Pride of rescued lions

#GoldenPride happy together in their bigger enclosure

10 lions rescued in the biggest big cat rescue in South Africa

Stray dogs in Chișinău, Moldova

Setting the Record Straight on Spaying/Neutering Myths

World Spay Day advocates spaying and neutering as a proven means of saving lives



People standing on the rubble of destroyed buildings in Antakya, southern Türkiye

Race against time: Animals in urgent need after massive earthquakes in Middle East

FOUR PAWS and partner NGOs deliver vital support to dogs, cats and farmed animals 

Help for animals in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria

Earthquake Relief for Animals

Help for animals in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria



Argentinian Train Tigers arriving at LIONSROCK

2022 Rescues & Milestones

Take a look back at all we have accomplished together!

Bear Mark behind bars

Rescue Bear Mark

After 20 years in a tiny cage, Albania's last restaurant bear is finally free

Juno Marlina in the forest

Rescue Orangutan Juno Marlina

Recovering from being kept as a pet in a tiny cage

Bear Michal

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