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puppies in puppy farm

Cute. Quick. Sick.

The puppy farm scam. The dirty business of treating dogs like a "commodity"

Woman doing online research

What You Need to Know About Online Puppy Sellers

The most common tricks to avoid when looking for a puppy

pigs in factory farming

Pigs Suffering in Factory Farming

Pigs killed in the Australian meat industry suffer throughout their short lives, together we can ease this suffering. 

Lambs with bloody backs after mulesing

NSW Minister ignores sheep suffering in mulesing

Joint Media Statement – FOUR PAWS Australia, Humane Society International Australia

Live plucking at a geese farm in Poland

Shocking footage: Live plucking of geese for fashion

FOUR PAWS reveals animal welfare violations on almost half of investigated farms

horse racing

Melbourne Cup: Horses Racing for their Lives

Cruelty prevails in the horse racing industry. Join us in saying Nup to the Cup

Asiatic black bear Soi in a tiny cage in Vietnam

FOUR PAWS rescues Asiatic black bear Soi

Bear was illegally kept in Son La province, Vietnam 

Battery hen in Australia

Australia to finally ban battery cages... but 2036 is still too late!

FOUR PAWS is calling for a faster phase-out period to protect chickens from suffering.

Dog in a cage for the DCMT in Indonesia

Dog slaughterhouse owner in Indonesia sentenced to 12 months in jail for trading in stolen dogs for human consumption

This is the third conviction of a dog meat trafficker since the national government’s declaration in 2018 that 'dogs are not food'

Travel Kind for animals

Travel Kind

Animal abuse for tourism is real. Travel without the animal cruelty.

Spring Has Arrived at Our Sanctuaries

Spring Has Arrived at Our Sanctuaries

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet!


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